Buying the “perfect” property today, for you.

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What’s a perfect property? This was a question from a close friend a couple of years ago. I have forgotten my answer to her but I think it was something along the lines of “I am still working, so $$ is definitely an issue. As long as the distance is within an hours drive and my family gets lots of space and amenities, that’s my perfect property.” Well, there are definitely other reasons too but those are secondary when compared to how I would want my wife and the kids to enjoy their day. My wife is a housewife and my kids are super-duper active. Haha. Anyway, what’s your perfect property? A penthouse, overlooking the twin towers and a dip in the infinity swimming pool followed by a gym room which faces the KL city centre view and the gym room is a space which is extended externally from the building making it looking as if it is hanging in the mid-air? Hey, that’s also my something that I love too, seriously.

However, seriously, what is your perfect property today? If you are just starting in your corporate career climb, the perfect property for you might just be renting a room as nearby as possible to your office and within walking distance to a public transport so that you need to spend just RM2 x 2 (to and fro) x 22 days = RM88 per month. Plus your rental of the room at say RM500 and that’s RM600 of your RM2,200 salary (Nett after deductions). As long as you do not go crazy with your food, Starbucks and even smartphone, you should still be able to save RM800 or more per month. That’s RM10,000 per year which will give you RM50,000 after 5 years. One of my Facebook friend revealed many months back that she could save even more! Here’s a good resource on savings:

If you are a couple (both starting in your corporate career climb) thinking of getting married today and needs to make sure you have enough space for a baby in the near future, your perfect property might just be to look at space versus cost vs duration. Anything below 800 sq ft is not suitable. (This is only my personal choice yea. I am sure everyone have their own preferences) Anything above RM500,000 will sap away too much of your money in the form of mortgage repayments leaving you stressful when your baby arrives. Duration is something manageable if you change your lifestyle or if you decided to just enjoy the public transport instead. We can even work if we start from a main station like the Sungai Buloh MRT station. (lots of seats…)  Read some reviews here :  but more importantly, drop by and feel it yourself.

Our perfect property might even be just to stay with our parents, for as long as we could while building our $$ chest and buying a place close to them. Actually, even after buying the new place, you can still stay with your parents. Just rent that place out until the day you need it back when you are starting a family. My wife stayed with her parents when she started working and even after giving some monthly allowances to her parents, she could save more than me! (Despite my salary being higher)  Oh yeah, staying together under the same roof may sometimes not be the best idea. Haha. Your wife may not be the best friend to your mother. That’s why YOU must make the necessary arrangements and make sure both are happy at the same time.

Hope everyone gets the idea. A perfect property is always dependent on the circumstances that we are in. We may not have the luxury of resources to do everything all at once. This is why careful consideration is needed. Some research would help us too. Keep upgrading that perfect property if needed. By the way, I still have friends who are already senior managers staying in medium-cost apartments. The comfort of a home sweet home does not depend on the price of the property. Happy finding that perfect property today.

written on 23 Oct 2017

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