Sungai Buloh MRT a catalyst to nearby developments

Sungai Buloh is an area considered ‘very far’ from the KL city centre. Not for me but for most of my friends, it is such. As usual, my comparison is always based on an area to KLCC Park at Jalan Ampang. Do take a look at the google map image. Assuming one were to start at 730am, it would usually take a minimum of 30 minutes (probably during schools holidays) and up to 1 hour and 5 minutes. As someone who is driving to Jalan YapKwan Seng (right next to Jalan Ampang) every working day, I can safely say that the total time taken is usually between 45-55 minutes instead. This is if I reach the Sungai Buloh toll (nearby the MRT station) at 730am. if we are to take the MRT instead, we can switch station at Pasar Seni for the LRT Pasar Seni and then stop at LRT KLCC which is then a short walk to Jalan Ampang. Total time taken should be around 1 hour.  I have taken this a couple of times recently. Happy to walk a bit. As of today however, there are still not that many people taking the MRT from Sungai Buloh station. If you ask me why, perhaps there are still not enough people staying nearby? Perhaps people still think driving provides them more convenience. Perhaps not many people know that as long as you park your car at the MRT Sungai Buloh station and take the MRT using the same Touch&GO card, then the parking for one whole day is only RM4.30? Compared to RM23 per day that I have to pay in my officer tower, this RM4.30 means I could park for one whole week and still have RM1.50 for half a loaf of bread.

There’s an article in talking about the new MRT Sungai Buloh. Read here: New MRT Line in Sungai Buloh spurring growth It shared that the few areas benefiting from this would be as follows: Sungai Buloh, Kampung Selamat, Kwasa Damansara and Kwasa Sentral. I think everyone realised that Kwasa Damansara is huge. In total, the area is a 2,330-acre township. Within the article, CBRE Williams Talhar & Wong managing director Foo Gee Jen said, “Convenient accessibility to destinations such as the Kuala Lumpur city centre, retail centres and KL Sentral transport hub will appeal to and attract young urbanites and small family households to high-rise residential developments.” Landserve Sdn Bhd managing director Chen King Hoaw meanwhile shared that single and double-storey terraced houses were seeing the most demand but apartments were also becoming more popular. There are a lot more contents in the freemalaysiatoday article here. 

Actually, I told my wife that should we move again, it would be further into Sungai Buloh or even Rawang. The clear advantage? It’s even more nearer to my hometown Ipoh. Another advantage? Well, both Sungai Buloh and Rawang is still growing. In other words, opportunity continues to present itself. The current slow market helps too, for those who are still saving for a unit. Current advantage? MRT Sungai Buloh has 8 floors of car parks, and it is now connected all the way into the city centre and up till Kajang for some sate. One thing is for sure though, when there are more residents, I may not get to sit all the way from MRT Sungai Buloh till Pasar Seni. Note though that it does not have to be this side of the Greater KL yeah. It could be the other end; Seri Kembangan, Kajang and Bangi. Happy using the public transport.

written on 29 Sept 2017

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