Unaffordable homes will come true, one day.

Someone forwarded me a message which says the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is saying that the homes in Malaysia is unaffordable. Here’s that article in Homes just aren’t that affordable. I think what BNM is trying to say is that there are more that could be done instead of asking banks to lower their […]

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More land needed. Good news, definitely.

Developers, especially those who has a lot of land that they have paid a lot of money for would not want to hold those lands without doing anything on them. The holding cost is definitely high. Well, that’s the reason why when the developers buy new land, they will do their best to start developing […]

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An additional HSR station in Forest City, Iskandar?

High Speed Rail KL – SG (HSR)  should have more developments by the end of 2018. In fact based on some latest media reports, land acquisition process has begun. MyHSR has already submitted application to freeze land development so that the viability of the pre-selected corridor could be studied. Within a few days time, a […]

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Starting the property investment journey right

I started my property investment journey in 2005, 2 years after buying my first home. I personally believe property investment journey starts from property number 2 onwards. My second property was technically an upgrade and thus I was able to change from a  smaller apartment of 730 sq ft to a condo of 1,258 sq […]

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Press Release: Sime Darby Property’s RMMJ affordable homes ready

Press Release: Sime Darby Property hands over RMMJ affordable homes to purchasers  — start — PASIR GUDANG, 23 October 2017 – Sime Darby Property Berhad has handed over affordable homes and shops under the Rumah Mampu Milik Johor (RMMJ) scheme to purchasers at Taman Pasir Putih today. The development, the first RMMJ project for Sime Darby Property, […]

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Ready to work beyond 70? Get ready to enjoy it.

I enjoy working. These days I enjoy working with people even if at times, it can be tiring. Do you enjoy working? How about working till 70 or beyond? According to one latest study, Singapore Life Panel Study, Singaporeans from the ages of 55-59 expect to work till 65. Half of the men and one […]

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A good 2018 for property market Malaysia.

According to an article in PropertyGuru, a total of 580 visitors visited PropertyGuru’s Malaysia Property Show (MPS) held in The St. Regis Singapore recently. In fact it said that the seminar sessions were well attended; full house.  The seminar series started with some predictions for the Malaysian property market in 2018. Here’s an earlier article […]

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Online shopping to kill malls? Not during my generation, for sure.

There has been many examples of how online sales are growing while the retail sales, especially those of the malls are slowing. Another article has appeared to provide the same school of thought, that malls would be ‘murdered’ by online sales. ‘Will Amazon kill Singapore malls?’ The article quoted one mall called John Little in Singapore […]

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90 pct occupancy for KL Eco City Mall by Q1 2018

Malls are facing difficulties? I think some are really in trouble. It’s hard to come back, usually after it starts to fail. You visit a mall where 50 percent of the shops are closed, would you visit the same mall again? The toughest part is that you will tell your friends about it and they do […]

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Property stocks Malaysia at 7-month low. What’s UP?

If you love commercial property but does not have a couple of hundred thousand ringgit for the downpayment, you can also choose to buy REITs instead.  Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) allow us exposure into the commercial property world at a very small investment. The returns are not necessarily low either. It should be better than […]

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