Male loses in final decision making for property investment?

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If you are a couple, who makes the ultimate decision of whether or not to buy that property? I have always thought that I would make the final decision. However, I realised that from all the condos that I purchased for own stay, my wife ultimately makes the final decision. I may offer her many choices and we would view all those choices but seriously, if she dislikes it, then that choice is out! Just like my current home, I actually prefer another property but she gave me a lot of good reasons which include my two kids. So yeah, for my family, when it comes to purchasing a property for own-stay, my wife makes the final decision even though it seems that I do. Haha. This was the earlier article: kopiandproperty.com – Female vs Male lopsided, do you know why? I just realised that around 70 percent of all readers for kopiandproperty.com are guys. (As per google analytics).

Then, I did a survey on kopiandproperty.com entitled, “Home Buying: Men decides WHEN to buy, Women decides WHY and WHAT to buy.” Results are as per the image. Around 40 percent said it is a joint decision. 22 percent agreed to my survey statement which proves that many are families like mine. There are 15 percent who says that it is not easy to ascertain but as usual, the final decision is with the female. This reveal a very important finding. Perhaps the marketing materials should be on satisfying what the female wants. Of course there are 12 percent who said that the statement is not true. These are the neutrals because they do not know what to choose. Haha. Last but not least, MALE winning is on the losing end. Seriously, ONLY 10 percent of the time that MALE wins. I thought we are now talking about a society where both the genders are equal? 😛

Bearing in mind that most of kopiandproperty.com readers are male and we still have such survey results meant one thing. We, the guys respect our partner’s opinion a lot. So yes, I think the society is now more equal when it comes to property investment decisions, at least for buying the first home anyway. After a few times of buying a property, I think the decision would become a joint one because the opinions may now be almost the same. My wife and I both agree that the kitchen must be good enough for both of us. Between the living room and the bedrooms, we prefer the living room to be bigger. That’s where she spends most of her time anyway. Besides when guests come visiting, we would entertain them in the living room and not our rooms. Next would be the balcony. It should be big enough for me to sit down a enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. That to me, is a good start. Cheers.

written on 28 Sept 2017

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