Invitation to celebrate Mid Autumn @ Bandar Rimbayu on 7th Oct (Sat) 2017

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The following is a press release for Mid Autumn celebration invitation by IJM Land. See you there yeah. I will drop by too. 

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Bandar Rimbayu celebrates the Mooncake Festival with an Asian theme.

A celebration of the harvest under a full moon, the Mid Autumn Festival is known for lighted lanterns, mooncakes and a chance to spend time and family and friends. This year, IJM Land Bandar Rimbayu is all set to host homeowners and the public with Asian themed festivities on 7 October 2017.

To be held at their show gallery The ARC, the celebration from 6pm to 9pm is all about discovering how our Asian neighbours from Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. Open to property owners of Bandar Rimbayu and the public, visitors will be able to discover how the festival is celebrated in each country at its designated stall, with interesting information and fun games to play at each spot.

There will be plenty of activities for all those visiting the gallery on the day. Bandar Rimbayu’s 30ft x 10ft lighted Dragon lantern is a must-see, a perfect fit with the colourful lights around The ARC. 200 lanterns to be given away to children, who will also have the chance to participate in a leisurely lantern parade procession, enjoy a special BBQ and catch fish at the fish pond. Adults in the crowd can try their hand at games, dress up in costumes and write messages of love on their floating lanterns before releasing them into the pond.

Just like past celebrations at The ARC, there will plenty of delicious Malaysian food for all visitors, and a variety of mooncakes to mark the festival. An evening of lights, lantern and love between family, friends and the Bandar Rimbayu community, the Mid Autumn Festival celebration is not to be missed!



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