Potential has a shelf life. Unleash it earliest possible.

“Potential has a shelf life. Unleash it earliest possible.”  Someone wrote this on her Facebook timeline sometime back. I think most of us would have to agree that the sooner we start the better it will be for our investment journey or our future retirement. For example, RM200 may not be a lot but if we save it without fail every month, we are going to get a good surprise when we retire. This is if we do not change the amount at all and does nothing to it at all. In terms of RM200 today? Well, that’s not even 5 percent for a new iPHONE X yet. Haha. Anyway, just be reminded that savings is always that start to an investment journey. Please do not take up bad debts even if it is to buy good debts.  Now, let’s take a look at property investment and what is possible in the near future

The affordable property prices of today would be “undoable” in the future. With the same price, the future developer (maybe the son of today’s CEO) will not be able to maintain the same size and would have to build smaller units. Land prices are increasing with every transaction. The new units could however be close to the city centre due to redevelopment of old developments of over 50 years for example. The 20-storey dilapidated flat that is an eyesore along some roads in KL today could be torn down and a new 60-storey development takes over its place. Instead of the 200 plus units, it may now be easily 2,000 units of smaller but more functional homes. Common facilities and walking distance to some public transport stations. Prices for these smaller homes would be within the affordable range AT THAT TIME. The buyers may include the sons and daughters of buyers of affordable home today. PR1MA, Rumah Selangorku and even RUMAWIP. This is why if we could afford the property of today with the money we have today, unleash its potential because the property price and even the money we have today have a shelf life.

When we are younger, we could also afford to work harder. We could do more. We could put in more hours. We could even drive GRAB during our spare time. What’s wrong with getting an additional RM1000 per month of which if we invest just half of it, we are looking at over RM300k when we retire.  Just do not do the same thing every year and then realised after ten years that we have not grown much in our careers. It is true that all of us have lots of potential. Very few of us could become the next Jack Ma or even Tony Fernandes. However, all of us with the right attitude and learning would become the next multi-millionaire. The only catch is this. “Potential has a shelf life. Unleash it earliest possible.” Happy unleashing.

written on 23 Sept 2017

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