When you win RM69 million, what would you do?

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If you did not read any news about the RM69.6 million jackpot winner and did not receive any Facebook / Whatsapp sharing, this is the news in NST.  Penang businessman wins the RM69.6 million largest jackpot in Malaysia ever.  The winner’s story is really a miraculous one. In fact, this is what he would be doing with the money. Donate some to charitable organisations, pay off his loans (I believe should be ALL his loans) as well as investing in properties in Penang. No idea if it’s within the island or in mainland but then again, RM69,6 million means he can buy both the island and the mainland and well anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia and even Sabah or Sarawak. 🙂  An earlier news about another lottery winner here: RM2 exchanged for RM26.3 million, after 20 years. Too bad, I have not won anything from these jackpots despite buying at least 3-4 times PER YEAR. Haha. Work hard… stop dreaming about these.

Just a few days ago, I was discussing with two good friends about what would we be doing if we have won that jackpot instead. One of them talked about buying many kopitiams (restaurants) and sell drinks as well as get rental from the hawker stalls. Those restaurants are ‘cash’ business he said and it’s going to give a return far higher and safer than the stock market.  The second friend disagreed. He said he would use the money to go into the stock market in a big way. Buying so much of a certain company that he becomes a huge shareholder there. He believes blue chips are the way to go. I think both are very valid assessments and too bad for all three of us, we seldom buy lottery tickets. I think they buy even fewer times than my 3 to 4 times per year. Do you know what would be the typical returns like assuming we put RM69.6 million into the bank only as Fixed Deposit and only use the interest and leave the rest there?

Here’s that simple calculation. Assuming we take out RM600,000 so that at least we have some spare change, we would then put in RM69 million into the bank. Fixed Deposit provides 4 percent (Your amount is huge) RM69 million x 4 percent per year is equal to RM2.76 million in interest per year. Divided by 12 months. That’s JUST RM230,000 basic salary per month. More than enough to pay for many properties every month and start getting rentals and rentals and rentals. Yeah, it’s true, the rich will become richer unless they gambled it all away. Okay, enough about potential due to our luck or ‘investment’ into these jackpots. . Let’s get back to our work tomorrow. It’s Monday. Quoting my CEO’s words many days back. ‘My life is about hard work and I accept it.’ Haha. Happy buying, whatever it may be that we are buying.

written on 23 Sept 2017

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