Sky Avenue. Too big? Worry or still getting ready?

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Two foreign visitors were talking about Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue. The man said, “I think this is too big. There are so many parts still closed up and not opened. Many shops still have seats in them during lunch time. They (Genting Group) should build a smaller one and expand when the market can take it.” They were speaking in English and they came from the country with the other huge Genting casino in ASEAN. : )  It was a Thursday though and yet the queues to check in was long enough even though nowhere near the usual weekend or holiday crowd. Star Avenue’s Lobster and Burger restaurant? Total of only 18 pax in queue when I walked past. Okay.. It is actually Burger & Lobster. Here’s the site to know more why they are famous. Usual queue during holidays or weekends are much longer. So, what are my thoughts about Genting Highland? An earlier article here. Target price wise, I usually refer to i3investor.com (informative site) 

Since I have somehow visited Genting Highlands 16 times within a period of 5 years, allow me to share some personal insights. Haha. Nope, I do not own any property there yet. The current progress (including shops still closed / renovation) is really a work in progress because the old theme park has been closed for past few years and their new one is not yet ready until next year. Still remember First World Plaza? Yeah, that is also closed for construction currently. The new theme park should be open by second half of 2018. It is the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia, a Hollywood-themed family theme park. Well, I think all the current work should be more ready when the theme park opens. In terms of visitors, it will be full of families once that new theme park opens. The kids can go theme parks and the parents (non-Muslims) can definitely drop by the casino in the late evening.

Speaking about accommodation, I actually tried to book Hotel On the Park but it was full and my colleague confirmed that she has failed to book it a couple of times too. On Saturday, I went to their self-serve machine to book a room and guess what, the only room choices available was the deluxe room in First World hotel. In other words, even without the new theme park, it’s booked enough…. Not full definitely but ready enough for next year lah. So the question of having a place too big is not an issue. How about building it even bigger and then think of even more ways to fill it up? As I drive down the hill, there are also a few other developments which are currently in construction stage. I think for them, they would be trying their best to open when the new theme park opens. The buyers or investors are certainly hoping for this too. Are they buying to stay? Who knows, maybe they were bought by Genting staffs? The projects include Windmill Upon Hills and Ion Delemen. You can google for them if interested yeah. They did not update me their sales progress. 🙂   Happy dropping by and my answer to the two foreign visitors? Genting Highlands is definitely not too big because up there, there’s just ONE and not TWO. Cheers.

written on 23 Sept 2017

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