Investing in automobile numbers? There’s one coming up…. MEANA 2017.

Asset is a positive word. Investments should always be into an asset which may appreciate in the future. What are your thoughts about a potential ‘asset’ which everyone could see everyday, as you drive your favourite car to your favourite places? We are talking about the automobile number or also known as vehicle registration number. Let’s look at a piece of news which was reported throughout the world in many media. The plate number “NSW 4” was auctioned off at AU$2.45 million (RM8.23 million). Guess what, it was bought by a Chinese billionaire. This is despite the fact that the number 4 is considered to be less auspicious for a Chinese. This number plate is considered a rare collector’s item. According to an article in, the number plate was previously sold at AU$850,000 (RM2.85 million) in 2015. In brief, a number plate is a rare item and it is possible to increase in price in future because there is just one.

Here in Malaysia, exclusive vehicle registration numbers are always big news. Just last month, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V won two new RR vehicle registration numbers. His Majesty won the bidding for registration number “RR6” for RM459,800 and “RR9” for RM396,980. With reference to an article in The Malay Mail, an exclusive number “V1” was won by Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar with a bid of RM989,780. Sultan Ibrahim was also the winning bidder for the “F1” number plate at RM836,660. Winners of these vehicle registration numbers do not include only royalties but also individuals and companies. Just google for “JPJ Number Plate” and we would realise that even AKU 8055 (AKU BOSS) was won by an individual who has since registered the number onto his motorcycle. Here is that recent article in The Star about this AKU 8055 story.  From these successful bids, it does seem that these rare numbers continue to enchant all its potential owners.

In comparison to the ‘amazing’ bids for these number plates overseas, it does seem that the vehicle registration numbers in Malaysia is still on the conservative side. Maybe the only reason is the accessibility to some of these exclusive numbers. There is now a chance for the public to bid for them. MNP Auctioneers will be conducting Malaysia’s Exclusive Automobile Number Auction on 28th September (Thursday) 2017. Interested to know more? Click here for details of all the one and only exclusive number plates. Alternatively, call / Whatsapp us at 016 – 440 7740.  Do not miss this inaugural event.

Press Release by MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd.

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