How much is a REN’s salary? Well… :)

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About 30 percent of the traffic to kopiandproperty.com comes from organic search. Occasionally, some search term amuses me and I write about them. Take a look at today’s result for search terms. Someone searched ‘real estate agent Malaysia salary’ and somehow got redirected to kopiandproperty.com Haha. Real Estate agent means Real Estate Negotiator (REN) Perhaps there are a number of pointers for them and thus google assume I could help them. So, what is the salary of a REN in Malaysia anyway? What if I tell you, they are paid nothing much but the REN career is a very rewarding one, financially. Well, for one, they are not usually paid basic salary or even if they have a basic salary, it is usually to cover some of their incidentals. They earn commissions when they close deals. They earn commissions when they sell a new property (from the developer) and they earn commissions when they sell a secondary property (from the seller). They also earn when they help homeowners rent out their home.

So, how much could these RENs earn? Perhaps some of the RENs who are reading should just tell what some of the better ones are earning. I DO NOT think the good ones are in this industry to earn a basic salary or even a fixed pay. When I was asked to give away some top performer prizes in an awesome real estate agency in Melaka a few months ago, I got to know that their top performers could afford to go for weeks of holidays. This was because of their strong network of buyers and sellers which they have built diligently over time. Week of holidays would be something which many of us could not do, including myself as I also earn a fixed pay. No work, no pay. Work harder, same pay. Haha. Yes, the good ones earn five figure monthly salary and the five figure does not start with 1.  Of course, the question of what the below average ones are earning would be very little, barely enough actually.

Join a good agency if you intend to be a REN. A good agency is one which the agency lead would provide continuous training, takes discipline seriously because a team can only work when everyone does their part and last but not least, the agency is always open to keep improving and not having the ‘been there done that’ attitude. Yes, I talk to RENs on a daily basis and the good ones usually stand out because they are on the phone nearly all the time. With their buyers, their sellers, their friends from the industry and basically every opportunity is pursued. I know of an engineer who decided that REN is his career. He resigned, worked very hard and just a few weeks ago, won a couple of REN related awards. He has even published his book and is today sharing his property thoughts to lots of people. To the one who searched for REN’s earning, hope I have provided to you the answer. Happy working hard and the rewards are huge.

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written on 18 Sept 2017

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