What you gonna do when they come for you. Bad boys.

I seriously hate people who skip paying their maintenance fees. They think it is their right, I think they ought to be taught what’s right. Someone from the authorities may be helping me to teach them what’s right now. Here’s a report about it in TheStar. Using the Strata Management Act 2013 the authorities could seize your belongings and auction it off to pay for the outstanding if you are a condo owner who has not been paying your maintenance fees. First one has happened and I hope this is publicised as much as possible because there are owners who own an apartment or a condo and reasoned that since they were not staying there and not enjoying the facilities, they do not need to pay the maintenance fees. Imagine if MOST of the owners were not staying there, the whole development suffers and this is grossly unfair to owners who had to stay there and suffer in silence when their swimming pool is dirty, when there are no security and when their corridors are dusty. If you like some points to look out for when buying high-rise, here’s a few. 

This is what the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry urban service division senior principal assistant secretary Mohd Syaifulrizal Mohd Bakar said, “As long as the joint management body (JMB) or management corporation (MC) of a condo or apartment has served a written notice to demand payment from the unit owner, and it is unpaid after 14 days, enforcement can take place.” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 14 days…. If you are part of a JMC, this is the time to get someone to enforce what you are trying to do which is to be fair to all those who were paying maintenance fees. Check this out, “there is no minimum amount of outstanding fees needed for such seizures to be conducted.”  Other sharing from The Act? It came into effect July 2015 and besides just seizing the items, JMB and MC can also file a summon in court against defaulters as well as filing a claim in the Strata Management Tribunal formed under the Act. According to Syaifulrizal, “The JMB or MC can serve a warrant to the defaulters with the help of the COB and ministry.”

I do hope everyone pays what they should pay and stop giving excuses. Actually not just maintenance fees but also that loan that you took which are depriving new students from a similar loan….  This is especially if they could still afford LED TVs, latest smartphones, drives a 250 hp car and even drinks Starbucks everyday. (Ionly drink Starbucks twice a month these days) Another very good article to read with regards to high-rise? Here’s one by Bhag Singh in TheStar. Well, I should end this article with a lyric from Inner Circle’s song Bad Boys. “Bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, When they come for you?” I say bad boys because this is not like treating the owners like a criminal but then they are definitely in the bad boys category. The ONE huge reason our neighbour down south is so successful is also because they are a FINE city. I love their enforcements. It is fast and swift. Happy paying.

written on 5 Sept 2017

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