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Property prices? Congestions would push it lower? Fat chance

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Perhaps more applicable for the Klang Valley but actually I faced it even when I was still staying in Penang. We are about to arrive home. Perhaps just 1km away. A hot shower awaits after 10 hours in the office. Then, we realised that the traffic was at a standstill. We wonder why and by the time we arrive at the spot for reason why, it was because of one row of cars who believed that the road was theirs or their grandfather’s.  Or perhaps they deserve to park wherever they love to park since they were also staying there. In short, they have somehow changed the two-lane road into a single lane. Are they worried? Well, not really because they are in numbers. ‘One whole lane’ of them. If you have faced this situation before, you are not alone. Unlike in China where they move the illegally parked car to the roof, haha, (read here), it does not usually happen like that here in Malaysia. We can call the traffic police / town council officers to give summons but somehow, unless they come everyday, the problem is likely to persist.

From my friend mr. google, the fine / summon ranges from RM30 – RM100. Sigh… It’s either all of us grow much more civic-minded or the fine is made much more significant than today. Given a choice, which one would you choose? Perhaps moving out of the neighbourhood then? Haha. Based on all my interactions so far, Malaysians have a very high sense of tolerance. They will STILL stay in the same neighbourhood, even if the congestion happens daily. Think of some very mature neighbourhoods and you get my idea. 🙂  So, to those friends who believe that congestions or jams would drive property prices lower, it does not happen. Here’s one piece of news in NST and I seriously do not think the property prices will start to drop next month, even if this happens again frequently.

Seriously, it’s time the local council becomes very serious with all these violations. Increasing the fine is fine but perhaps start thinking about towing all these cars away within a short period of time? Increasing inconveniences would actually work better than an increase of RM50 per summon for example. Well, not unless it’s RM50 per day for the same car or a doubling of the fine every time the same gets it? Yes, perhaps someone would like to point out the fact that they have NO CHOICE? Sorry yeah, the last I checked, there are definitely a lot more affordable neighbourhoods which are today having accessibility to some MRT or LRT stations within 10 minutes away. I do not wish to debate on whether or not we are an advanced nation soon. I would however welcome an advanced action on making congestions a thing of the past. Hope my dream comes true for the sake of all Malaysians who face congestions in their neighbourhoods today.

written on 1 Sept 2017

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