Real deal. RM72,500 for a 657 sq ft LMC unit by balloting.

The state is Penang. The area is a higher end one; Tanjung Tokong. The lucky ones I believe are Penangites too. In fact, there were 87 of them. These are the winners who got one unit of the low-medium cost (LMC) apartment built by Eastern & Oriental Berhad (E&O). Here’s that news in TheStar. It does […]

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Supply concerns will lead to price correction?

I read a study which was done sometime back (let’s not mention the actual report here). It says that with the oversupply situation, it will lead to price correction. On a big picture basis, perhaps that is true. However, if you stay in some VERY SOUGHT AFTER neighbourhood today, did your neighbour just sold off […]

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Budget 2018 wishlist by REHDA: Negaraku: Shaping the Future

A good friend asked me what’s my wishlist for Budget 2018 when it comes to the property market the other day. Before a tiny blogger like me share my wishlist, perhaps we look at what the RealEstate and Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA) has wished for Budget 2018. The article in TheStar here. These are their wishes, […]

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Male loses in final decision making for property investment?

If you are a couple, who makes the ultimate decision of whether or not to buy that property? I have always thought that I would make the final decision. However, I realised that from all the condos that I purchased for own stay, my wife ultimately makes the final decision. I may offer her many […]

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Foreigners love condos in Thailand and Malaysia

Within this year itself, I think I visited Bangkok 4 times. Except for the jam that never seem to end, I love Bangkok. I love the friendly people, the delicious street food and the good service in hotels. I wanted to bring my family for a visit too, perhaps next year. Every time I pass […]

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Yes, we should have a NATIONAL database but for now…..

When it comes to the property market, I really dislike the average numbers that is often quoted by all the media. Seriously, we need to be like Australia where the property prices are always in median. In brief, average means the central point. So, if there were 10 transactions, five at RM1 million and another […]

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Press Release – Pavillion Damansara Heights

Press Release by Pavillion Group and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board — start — PAVILION DAMANSARA HEIGHTS – THE MOST ANTICIPATED INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT IN KUALA LUMPUR Pavilion Group and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is officially unveiling Pavilion Damansara Heights, a mixed-use development project in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur    Kuala Lumpur, 27 September 2017 – […]

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Early 2019 it shall be for IKEA Penang in Batu Kawan

I have never failed to drop by IKEA in Mutiara Damansara at least once per quarter. Yes, I have been to the IKEA in Cheras. Sometimes more than once per quarter because my friends and relatives from out of state come visiting and they mentioned IKEA. I used to live in Penang for around 15 […]

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Invitation to celebrate Mid Autumn @ Bandar Rimbayu on 7th Oct (Sat) 2017

The following is a press release for Mid Autumn celebration invitation by IJM Land. See you there yeah. I will drop by too.  — start — IJM LAND’S MID AUTUMN CELEBRATION Bandar Rimbayu celebrates the Mooncake Festival with an Asian theme. A celebration of the harvest under a full moon, the Mid Autumn Festival is […]

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A thoughtful family-sized condo in Kuchai Lama – The Riyang @ Happy Garden

Recently, the CEO of Suntrack, a boutique developer gave me a one-hour presentation about his project; The Riyang @ Happy Garden. I think it could have easily been 2 hours because he was very hands-on and answered all my questions immediately. I would rate his presentation one of the best from a CEO of a […]

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