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Some good ideas to pay attention to, especially when we invest our hard earned money. Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar is someone worth listening to because he is a professional. (not a politician….)  🙂 Here’s a little information about him by ICAEW. (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales). Anyway, the following is an excerpt of the interview which TheStar did with Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar. Full interview withTan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar. Briefly, some of the ideas he shared during the interview. Good ideas for longer term investment strategies.

Save some during good years, use the savings during bad years.   Remember the story of the lazy grasshopper and the hardworking ant? Economic cycles come and go. This is why during those years when we were earning huge bonuses, some of it should been saved or invested because nothing lasts forever. There will be time when we earn lesser and may need to use some of our reserve funds.

Has PNB invested in Fintech? “No, because we don’t know enough and we need to learn a lot more before we are brave enough to invest in those areas. Of course, it is something that we can’t ignore. We need to learn and decide. Yes, the potential upside is there, but then there is also the potential downside.” (This is so true because a fintech is almost always online and even some of those internet companies receiving the most funds for many years may not be profitable yet! ) 

I think if you look at public property companies, if you are not highly leveraged, then you will have the (holding) power. (This is very true and is one reason why many who bought many properties just a few years ago are now struggling to pay for them. When rental falls, prices would follow too. Actually, if we are not highly leveraged, we can even find good deals today and loan approvals would still continue) 

Full article in TheStar here. I have two more sharing as a working professional for nearly 20 years after graduation. Increments are merely enough to cover the official inflation numbers but not our own inflation which may be far higher. Higher increments than average depend on one’s own diligence and is usually reserved for the above average working professionals. Just like before investing in a property, we would conduct our own due diligence.  Secondly, without investing what we have to maximise its returns, we will have less when compared to those who did. That’s why professionals within the same field would still have different levels of wealth after sometime, perhaps 10 years later. Investing is definitely not speculating or gambling, yeah. Cheers.

written on 26 Aug 2017

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