Security? Just like Trump, we want to feel safe too.

It’s not an easy time for the U.S. Secret Service. They need more $$$ in order to continue protecting their President. Reason stated was that the current President has many homes and a large family. (Perhaps this could be used as a reason for the U.S. Presidential election in future? Vote for me, I have a smaller family…) According to the article, 42 people in Trump’s administration have Secret Service protection, including 18 members of his family. Let’s assume each of these 42 people are protected by just two agents and there are two shifts per day? 42 x 2 x 2 = 168 Secret Service agents needed. (By the way this number is conservative. Just look at the number of security details that the American President had when he was in Malaysia back in 2014. His entourage then passed through my office…)  As per the article, a special agent could earn up to US$160,000 per annum. (RM683,000). They are asking for it to be increased to US$187,000 (RM800,000) That’s RM800,000 x 168 people potentially. RM30.2 million per annum.

When it comes to our home sweet home, we want to feel safe. I say ‘feel’ because there’s no guarantee. Whether it’s a gated and guarded community or an old development with a boom gate or even a neighbourhood where everyone knows everyone, we will still lock our doors because we want to feel safe and because we want our family to be safe. This is true for any high-rise community, whether one with many layers of security to one with easily 12 guards per session or even just one guard, we want them because we want to feel safe. It is true that regardless of how safe we feel, there is always a chance for the home to be broken into, like my friend’s condo just recently. So, it’s definitely not true that high-rise will always be safer when compared to a landed one. By the way, even with the Secret Service, the President of the United States is definitely not 100 percent secure yet.

In the near future, I believe safety will be the single most important factor that all potential buyers will ask well in advance before they buy. They may prefer to have some official statistics in order for the developer or the real estate agency to convince them. ALL property sites would have reviews about the crime rates within the neighbourhood in which the development is in. Here’s one such example from about crime level. For advanced property markets such as Australia, there are more available information about crime level. A good article here: – How to research crime in a suburb before buying a home.   Everyone knows London is an international property market of the world. They also have these information published and made available for references. – Crime Rate in London – How bad is your borough?  For now, perhaps a check with the locals around the neighbourhood may be a good reference. As for high-rises, looking at how tight the security is during our viewing would provide a clue. Just like Trump, we want to feel safe too. (We just do not have Secret Service agents surrounding us like him)

written on 27 Aug 2017

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