Cameron Highlands? Still cold, still lots of visitors, still a favourite

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There’s nothing in Cameron Highlands! Why do you go there every year?! I still remember a friend once told me. It’s hard to argue because perhaps he is right? Haha. It’s okay, let me tell you a few good reasons to drop by Cameron Highlands for the weekend.

Near enough to drive. From Penang it’s 3.5 hours BUT you get to stop by Ipoh for an amazing breakfast or lunch first. Stop joking and note that Ipoh is way beyond Ngar Choy Kai. If you disagree, too bad…  🙂  From KL, it’s around 3 hours and I would definitely urge you to drop by Ipoh too for a breakfast or a lunch. The usual hotel check-in time is 3pm anyway.

Family friendly. Kids get to see strawberries, cactuses, flowers, rows and rows of tea plantations and even deep fried mushroom /  sweet potato balls. Both are awesome by the way. Enjoy a cup of tea on the hills and just chit-chat with family and friends. Buy sweet corns on the way back. My kids love it and could eat it just that for lunch and dinner.

Cooling. I hardly sweat there unless I walk under the hot sun for more than 10 minutes. Please don’t because the sun is still extremely hot. Haha. It was 17 celcius last weekend in the evening. Of course it may also be 24 or 25 Celcius too in the afternoon. For people like me who prefer cooling weather, Cameron Highlands is just right.

Cheap lah. Whether it’s food or stay, in comparison to Genting Highlands or even Bukit Tinggi, the options in Cameron Highlands are aplenty. From the usual fast food to steamboat, western delights and even Restoran Sri Brinchang (good Indian food), we have lots of varieties too. I stayed in Aranda Nova Hotel this time and the suite is spacious and clean. (Still new too). RM235 per night is a good price. Comes with a good buffet breakfast for two as well. (Kids below 5 eat free)

Not so good? Well, there’s no casino. There’s no international standard themed building like the Star Avenue. There are no future international theme parks. There are no expensive world class dining experience. There’s JAM, especially during school holidays. It can be an hour or more just to pass a few km of road. Fortunately, there are two roads up, so you can always choose the other side to skip the jam, unless if you happen to be at the top. There’s really not a LOT of variety if you are thinking of lots of excitement. There’s no beach too….

By the way, I will be dropping by more often next year too since I have bought a small place there. Hopefully once per quarter? So, yes I love Cameron Highlands, just as I love Kuching, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Penang and more. Maybe it’s because they are cheaper than if I were to buy a flight ticket and fly away to some overseas destination. If you like the few reasons stated above, perhaps it’s time to drop by. Send me an email for my itineary if you really need one. Happy enjoying.

written on 20 Aug 2017

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