Trump will resign by end of 2017?

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Whether he’s a great president or not, Trump is definitely an extremely famous one. My earliest article about him here. Trump: Very massive recession for the US soon These days, even the uncles and aunties in the market knows him. Something on their mind would be this. Trump will resign in a few months’ time? Specifically before end of 2017? Okay, that’s a prediction by a writer who wrote about Trump positively some time back. His prediction was widely reported in all media a few days ago. Take a look at the search result. (image from google search bar) Some interesting articles here: – ‘Art of the Deal’ ghostwriter predicts Trump will resign Another one was talking about betting odds on him resigning is increasing. I do not think we are able to bet but do not look down on how these sites calculate their odds. – Betting odds on Trump’s resignation are improving day by day  This one says that Americans must demand that their President resign. Reason was his ego which is already bigger than his position and all the decisions he made. – Americans must demand Trump’s resignation

Before we start to think Trump is going to be a one-term President, do note that he has done pretty well, where the economy is concerned, whether or not it could be attributed fully to him. This is one such article in –  Trump’s real record on race may surprise you  An earlier article on him in here: Trumpflation H1 and more expensive valuation for H2 2017 In brief, confidence in the U.S. market is pretty good, else the stock market cannot be good. Valuation is high too which meant that a lot of people are thinking positively about the state of the economy. Another article by – These charts show how the Trump economy is really doing  shows many charts showing how Trump is really doing. It’s not all positive but it is generally good. Unemployment is down a lot….

I was asked before the election on where would my vote go to if I am an American. I replied, between Hillary and Trump, it’s the latter. I have my own reasons which when we have a cup of latte, we can chat okay. Haha. There are just 3 months plus more to go to see if the prediction comes true. In the mean time, Trump has lost many of his key people and even a few prominent advisers. This proves that public pressure does play a part in determining who comes and who goes. Happy following.

written on 21 Aug 2017

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