2024 is a good year indeed. Even earlier would be even better

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Actually, I finished writing this article some time back. However, the mobile app and my MacbookAir had a ‘fight’ and I ended up without an article. I am thus rewriting this. To me this is a very important piece of news, especially for both Iskandar, Malaysia and Singapore’s SMEs. I have written much earlier that I love the High Speed Rail. It has good significance to all the stops along the way and especially for KL and Singapore. How HSR would benefit the cities along the line However, when it comes to really directly beneficial to the local economy of JB and a catalyst for a growing pool of Singaporean SMEs, it has to be the Rail Transit System (RTS). In brief, the extension of the MRT lines within Singapore into JB and back. In this case, Bukit Chagar and back. There was an earlier news about the Bus Rail Transit. Can also lah, since the RTS can only be ready in 2024.

One latest article has informed everyone that the joint agreement for RTS would be signed by the end of 2017. The full article channelnewsasia here. Some facts quoted include following. It will be able to carry 10,000 passengers each way per hour. (Actually not a lot I think but good enough as a start) Within Singapore, the station for the RTS terminus would be Woodlands North and on Malaysia’s side would be Bukit Chagar. (The image shows where Bukit Chagar is. A very convenient location actually. If you own a piece of land there now, can keep lah. )  A joint venture company would be formed to design, build, finance, operate, maintain and renew the RTS Link operating assets like trains, tracks and systems. (No other choice lah, two countries are involved)  The jam has been bad and KTMB Tebrau shuttle has increased its initial 14 daily trips in 2016 to 26 daily trips as of June 2017. However, when the RTS is ready, KTMB Tebrau is expected to stop its operations. (Positive news lah, rejoice a bit okay.) Oh yeah, full article here. 

Hopefully, this can be expedited even more. The more connections meant the more exchange of people could happen between both countries. Business transactions can increase too. I personally think the SMEs in Singapore can benefit more from this link as they could now think about expanding their businesses and even market located within an hour away. More jobs can be created too which helps the local economy. Cooperate lah. If we (Malaysia + Singapore) are not conducive to the many multinationals, then they would just go to other countries here. When the connections are really convenient, it can also alleviate some property price pressures on the property market in Singapore. Choices are now increased. Some of the richer ones could even send their kids to study at the numerous international schools with really huge fields within Iskandar. More benefits definitely but for now, let’s just keep following the happenings.

rewritten on 5 Aug 2017

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