What’s UP and what’s DOWN? My sharing, from readings.

As I have shared before, I do not usually speak in property events unless it’s an invitation from good friends. On 5th August 2017 (Saturday), I will be sharing about the topic of “What’s UP and what’s DOWN in the property market.” If you happen to be a reader of kopiandproperty.com and would like to see how I really look in real life, do drop by yeah. We can enjoy a cup of coffee while we learn from one another about our property views. My view is everyone learns because many would have better knowledge about certain area for example.

The event details as follows:

Date: 4th August 2017

Event Time: 12pm – 3pm (My sharing is just 1 hour, after the opening)

Venue: Urbano Sales Gallery, Glenmarie. (It’s inside Utropolis Marketplace)

The talk will NOT be about why you should buy a certain project. Seriously, the buyers today are going to so many projects that they definitely have an idea what they really like. Buying one’s first property versus buying for investments may be different. Buying to stay nearby your parents or nearby our office would also be different. In fact while I feel high-rise is a good buy, there are many who has much higher purchasing power who would correct me by saying that it’s not possible to create more land. Well, quite real unless we are reclaiming more of the sea. However, if you would like an hour of sharing about numbers, about some views by prominent property experts or even my personal opinions, do drop by. Take care.

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