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Month: August 2017

In brief, just some good ideas to pay attention to

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Some good ideas to pay attention to, especially when we invest our hard earned money. Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar is someone worth listening to because he is a professional.…


Press Release – Sunway Group registers 33.2pct jump in profits

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Press Release – SUNWAY GROUP REGISTERS 33.2% JUMP IN PROFITS Pre-tax profit increases 33.2% to RM271.4 million Stronger performance across most segments year on year and higher fair value gains from…

Barter trade still works. Fighter jets for tea, coffee, palm oil and some cash, of course.

Posted in ASIA / ASEAN

This is the review for an amazing jet fighter called Su-35 from Russia. “Why Russia’s Enemies Should Fear the Su-35 Fighter” It is one of the most advanced jet fighters of… – Female vs Male lopsided, do you know why?

Posted in Real Estate Agents, and Starting Property Investing

Buying a new home. Is it a joint decision? Who decides what? Let’s look at the demographics for  readers of demographics. (Image beside). In brief, overwhelmingly MALE. 72 percent…

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