Be healthy plus doing charity for Joblink. A little goes a long way.

Many times, we forget how fortunate we are. Many times we want to be healthy but chose to postpone it. Many times we forget that just RM50 could actually help many. The chance is here, especially for those living in Penang. Cycle to be fitter. Help people help themselves.

Message from Stephen Soon, President 2017-2018 for Rotary Club of Penang

— start —

JOBLINK Centre is founded and supported by my our Club since 1991, with over 30 trainees with various forms of disabilities. The main objective is to provide them with a shelter to gain economic independence by seeking open employment and working on sub-contract jobs. The Centre will guide and coordinate vocational and social skills training to prevent a disability from becoming a handicap.

HOWEVER, the Centre’s financial position is getting worse and urgently needed members of the public to support the Cycling Event so that we can raise fund to sustain the Centre. We needed at least 800 participants. Currently the platinum sponsor is JHM Consolidation Berhad, with IDEAL Property Group, PARKROYAL Resort, BannerKing and SOFresh as the main sponsors. The cycling starting point is from TESCO Tanjong Sri Pinang to PARKROYAL Resort in Batu Ferringhi.

Sign up here:

— end —

Just doing my small part. Happy helping. Thank you for your kind generosity.





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