Don’t pressure your manager, just perform. It’s for your future.

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I am not satisfied with my increment. How can you help me? The company did not keep its promise. How am I supposed to live with a small increment? Has any of your staffs asked you this question before? A friend who just became a people manager told me that his staff asked him this question the other day. Over the past 19 years, I think I have this question asked to me a few times, not as direct because I am myself a very DIRECT person. Haha.

Anyway, the friend’s staff is already at the ceiling of the salary range for her job grade. She needs to get a promotion to the next grade before she can get higher pay. Obviously, she is trying her luck since my friend is her latest manager. I asked my friend if she is hardworking? My friend said, NO and she is very lazy too. I guess everyone now has an answer. These are those staffs that I really hate and if I have my way, I would not want to be her colleague in the near future. (Yes, politely ask her to change job)

After working for over 19 years of which 15 was in recruitment related roles, I can safely say that performers may not need to negotiate too much with the boss. If we helped the company to earn new businesses because we are capable and the company does not respond positively, it’s time to give our skills to another one which would appreciate it more.

The top sales people in the company DEFINITELY needs to be treated differently. The best PROGRAMMER better be provided with a special pay package because if he resigns, his work may need 3-4 programmers to do. There’s even a company which provides its best R&D engineers with a bonus of 6 months if they were to stay for 2 years.

Seriously, if these great people leave, the cost to rehire is going to be high and the cost of NOT having them working is even higher. Imagine just 3 months without your best sales person, programmer and R&D engineer. Of course, this is applicable for all other professions unless we are stuck in some manual work and we refuse to learn how to add more value into our job. By the way, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz waited tables in the beginning after his graduation. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was once a technician.

By the way, careers aside, remember to invest your earnings. Needless to say, if we have children, it’s good to aim to be able to provide for them more. Richer parents are great for kids, question is, are we becoming one As for changing your job, for the younger ones, choose a job which allows you to move UP. Not the salary part, the responsibility part. By the way, in my 19 years, there has been TWO occasions that I took a pay cut because the role offered will enable me to move UP. Fortunately, both times worked perfectly and I currently have a job which I love tremendously. All the best and just remember, performers do not need to negotiate with their managers. If our manager is not willing to listen, it’s time to move. Otherwise, be happy with what we have. Cheers.

written on 23 July 2017

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