With kids, landed is better. Well….

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I was talking to a friend recently and she told me that she was moving to a landed home and will be selling her condominium of over 1,300 sq ft. She then said that she was moving to a landed because of his 2-year old toddler. I have two little ones, I told her that I disagree lah. If she just likes landed, then move to landed lah. No such thing as moving to landed just because of kids. She then shared how dangerous it is for toddlers in high-rise because the toddlers may climb here and there. Seriously, even for a landed, the toddler can still climb here and there. Please do not tell me we have never heard of unfortunate incidents that has happened with toddlers in landed properties…. I did not debate with her further. Just wish her the best lah since that’s what she like.

Let me share why I think high-rise is really not that bad. Haha. Kids love to play. Get a condo where there is a nice playground forbids as well as a kids pool. I have had countless of happy moments with them and my wife usually brings them in the evening. It’s also where the kids get to know even more friends. Learn some good communication skills. My kids have been to their neighbours home many times and their neighbours have dropped by many times too. As usual, everyone refused to leave after they have played together. Haha.

There are a lot more space. Kids also love to run around. It’s definitely safer to run around within the condo instead outside on the road. For example, within my condo, there’s a huge publicspace where there’s even a jogging track, outdoor gym and lottos green grass. My daughter had her first pool session since 9.5 months. I am not sure how many would have those experience if they are staying in a landed, unless of course there’s a dedicated club house. Then again, if it is a dedicated club house, most people would probably not be able to afford those type of landed homes. My friend’s? Nope, just a normal double-storey terrace.

As for my wife, she has gotten to know so many other ‘Domestic Ministers’ like her in the same place and has even arranged for breakfast sessions together. I think she likes high-rise even more than me. Wait, it can’t be all good right. Unfair to landed homes. Well, after I parked my car, I have to walk around 70 metres to reach my home. (Good exercise, actually) I have to pay maintenance fees every month without fail, else I am barred from even driving in. The capital appreciation of high-rise is definitely slower than a landed since we cannot have more land in the future. Last but not least, I think high-rise would always be considered a ‘second-class’citizen compared to landed homes. (Note: I personally do not feel so, ok) There are definitely a  lot more reasons for debates but as long as you tell me, ‘I love landed because I love landed,’ I will accept it without any debate. Just don’t start telling me all those awesome reasons like I am moving to landed because my kids love landed. Hello….

written on 17 July 2017

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