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Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue is impressive, as a start.

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Not all the shops are open, true. The new restaurants look or are expensive, true. (Yet, there was along queue into that ‘lobster’ restaurant. Economic slowdown has not affected those people I guess. Haha. The new theme park is definitely not opening soon, true. However, Genting Highlands is till good for a family visit lah. There’s the Genting Highlands Premium Outlet (GPO) which I bought new Puma shoes at RM168 instead of its original price at RM438. One week after my first visit to GPO, my sister invited me to join her and our parents up to Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue. It’s just 50 minutes of drive anyway and I joined. To those who are thinking of Star Avenue, well it is fully closed for renovation. So, now you do not need to take the same photo with the same background. I did not go into the casino this time but as usual, there was a crowd right in front of the entrance. Probably thinking if they should enter or not. Haha. So, with Sky Avenue, there’s a whole new background for new photos with your family or loved ones. Image shows one of them. More to follow below. Think bright lights and possibility of changing themes every now and then since screens are now wrapped around everywhere.


Nope, it’s not possible to walk between the Genting Premium Outlets (GPO) and Genting Sky Avenue. You need to drive. It’s about 10 minutes away. Parking is still free for both. Just remember to sign up as a Genting Rewards member. Assuming you are a KLite, perhaps can think about arriving at GPO after your breakfast and shop first. Buy or no buy is another matter altogether. Get to know how much is that handbag that your colleague is using! Haha. Then, have lunch there where choices are pretty good. After lunch, arrive at Genting Sky Avenue for check in at 3pm. Well, the second strolling around starts after that. I was at Star Avenue for just 2 hours this time. My wife will arrange for a stay the next time we drop by. Happy visiting and do share anything that I have missed.

written on 16 July 2017

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