RM5.50 to travel 51km? Not bad lah. 

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Just a few days ago, I told my wife that we should try the MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang when it has started to run the full length of 31 stations or 51km.  It will take 80 minutes versus if I drive, it would be around 50 minutes. Anyway, taking it is not because of the duration, it’s more of the fact that my daughter has told me a few times that she would like to sit in a train. I guess MRT is considered a ‘train.’ In terms of fuel plus toll, I think it would be close to RM50 for a return journey via my Exora. Of course, this is for 4 pax while if I take the MRT, it will be RM11 per pax (return). It will be RM44 for a return journey for 4 persons. So, for 4 pax, I think a car would be more convenient but if it’s to go to work /office / university, I think MRT would be much better and cost effective. By the way, the duration with a car would depend on the time of travel while the duration with the MRT should be the same anytime during the day. Not many are going from Sungai Buloh till Kajang anyway.

On the 17th of July, another 19 new stations would be opened and 7 are located underground. I heard from radio that some of the stations are worth taking photos to show the world. The 19 new stations are Muzium Negara, Pasar Seni, Bukit Bintang, Tun Razak Exchange Centre, Maluri, Cochrane, Taman Pertama, Taman Midah, Taman Connaught, Taman Mutiara, Suntex, Sri Raya, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Sebelas Cheras, Bukit Dukung, Sungai Jernih, Merdeka, Stadium Kajang, and Kajang station. Each of the train set would have four cars with a capacity of 1,200 passengers and a ridership of 400,000 passengers daily. The trains would be running at an interval of 3.5 minutes. If half of these passengers used to drive to work, it would mean a reduction of 200,000 cars on the road daily. This is an impressive number. I think the only thing stopping even more people to take the MRT instead of driving would be parking spaces within the MRT stations. There are some where the parking is really limited or even nearly as expensive as the usual parking rate within the KL city centre.

Some earlier articles here: Yes, I think the MRT is good and many people will benefit  My personal belief is that MRT will only be very successful if the government helps to push for it. They can use both the ‘sweet’ and the ‘cane’ approach. To many drivers on the road meant wasted time and thus productivity. With the completion, then the next one would be in focus. MRT Line 2, Sungai Buloh -Serdang – Putrajaya (SSP) updates Actually, the construction on the line 2 has already started and within my heart, I really do believe that the stations would be ready earlier than the projected 2022. It would be remarkable if the line is fully opened by mid 2021, not just half of it. So, is this the time to buy near to at least one of the stations? Buying a new home? Ask Why, not just Where Will share my experience once I arrive home after satay Kajang. The Sungai Buloh station is just 8 minutes away from my home. Happy taking a ride.



written on 14 July 2017

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