GPO: Guess which shop has the longest queue?

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It’s opened. It’s just 50 minutes away from my home. I love its ‘sister’ outlet in Johor. Yes, I have just visited the Genting Highlands Premium Outlet two days ago. Earlier article here: What if all the cheap goods are sold out? Shopping without sweating is great. It’s not as cold as I would have wanted but hey, even at 1pm in the afternoon, I did not sweat and that’s good news. Brand diversity is pretty good. Oh yeah, guess which brand had the longest queue? Coach is the answer. I queued up to go in too and it took me around 15-20 minutes. Were the handbags cheaper than the usual Guess stores? Okay, they are not from the current season but the answer is Yes, it was cheaper. Some ladies wallets were RM1550 and after the discount was less than RM500. Guys wallets too. Did everyone buy something after queuing? I would ‘guesstimate’ that around 30 percent of those who queued did buy something. At least their 15 minutes were not wasted.

What else was cheap? Well, I bought another pair of running shoe from Puma outlet store. It was their opening sale. So, all the items were already 50 percent off. It does not stop here. Buy 3 items, pay for just 2. My RM478 running shoe became RM239 and after that buy 3 pay for 2 offer, it became RM168. That’s not all, I got a free Puma cap too. My wife and her best friend each got themselves a running shoe too. Apart from this, I went into Camel, Geox and Clarks but the sizes and the designs do not match one another. Designs that I like, there were no sizes. My friend told me in Whatsapp that she could buy even cheaper luxury handbags in the U.S. I only replied with a smile. Haha. I have no idea when I would be going to the U.S and friends going to the U.S, I already pity them because they already have a long list of shopping items from siblings, friends and relatives. Watches were okay too. Anyway, could not really shop as I brought along my two kids too. Haha.

Shopping was a breeze and it’s really comfortable. The concept, the shops, the design is similar to the Johor Premium Outlet. Same joint owner. The toilets could have been better maintained but the food court has sufficient choices. Most shops were already open from my 4 hour visit and I did not visit Padini… I did however take a break in Starbucks and yes, it has a very nice view too. Coffee Bean is on its way. (I am a Coffee Bean lover even though I am also a Starbucks supporter). Parking was easy. There were many floors and it was nowhere near full capacity, yet. Oh yeah, I will be up there again next week as my sister is driving down from Penang for a short break. Perhaps we would drop by the casino too this time. More photos to follow below. Over 150 brands are represented here.

To those shoppers who loves to see more brands and loves shopping al-fresco style, this is the place to be. I think it will soon be swarmed with even more people. Parking is free! Just sign up as a Genting Rewards member. Happy shopping.

written on 3 July 2017

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