#BeHuman. Losing a job is scary but doing the same thing every year is scarier!

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Having a job allows us to earn a salary. With a salary we can do many things and invest it for more returns. We can bring our loved ones for vacations. I do know that I have to work until I retire. That’s still a long time in future. (18-20 years perhaps) So, I am a working class Malaysian. 🙂  Do we know what would allow us to keep our job for a long time? These days, many jobs are being replaced by robots, by systems with artificial intelligence which can answer queries as well as humans could, sometimes even better. Just this week, I read about how Dubai would start experimenting with robot police patrol! If it’s not because of all these technologies, it may also due to us being replaced by people who are willing to take lower pay than us. This is why countries with a stronger currency should continue innovating unless it is a HUGE country with a huge population so that it can also rely on its domestic consumption too. Yes, Malaysia is definitely considered a small nation even if we are today a top 30 trading nation in the world.

Today, let me share something I learnt from a colleague whom I look up to about how he unlearns to learn. Even though he is a junior manager but he is doing very well and considered an asset to the organisation. One key point he shared was #BeHuman. I agree fully. He said he’s an analyst which meant looking at numbers, numbers and numbers and then after the analysis, he will present numbers, numbers and numbers. The difference was that before the analysis, it was data. After analysis, it became information. How an analyst presents this information to the management would determine whether it is used for operations which meant that the analyst’s importance grows! He was able to offer many additional insights as a HUMAN analyst. Computers could only present information which has been-set / determined.

Do we worry that we will lose our job one day? Take a step back. Are we doing the exact same thing today versus 2 years ago? If we are, rest assured that there’s every likelihood that something or someone is already being primed to take over from us. Even if we are a sales person, we may have been the top sales for the last five years but remember, five years later which is today, the company may now be very well known and it can sell the same amount of sales with or without us using an online platform….. So, did we add value? Are we able to provide additional consultative service to the customer beyond just the usual, ‘ how many you need? Here’s a quotation.?’ As of now, the demand for good sales people is still far outstripping supply but things change extremely fast. Just look at the banks, the oil and gas industry and even the insurance. Once there were many thousands of tellers, petrol station operators and even insurance sales people. These are slowly being replaced by technology. To #BeHuman is to be able to add value and keep innovating in whatever we do today. I believe losing a job is scary but doing the same thing over and over again is scarier!

written on 5 June 2017

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3 thoughts on “#BeHuman. Losing a job is scary but doing the same thing every year is scarier!”

  1. No one is indispensable. Even the best in any organisation will be replaced and displaced. Today, we must not engage ourselves with an organisation till we neglect ourselves from learning, unlearning and relearning new areas to stay ahead of robots and AIs. Do not just get a degree and stay fix but short diplomas to revolve every few years and move to stay ahead.


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