Enjoy it. Little luxury before flight. Easier these days.

Do you like free stuffs? I do. I have travelled to around 20 countries thus far. No plans to increase that at this moment. During those flights, I have never been on a Business Class or First Class seat before. Thus, I have never been able to get into those airline lounges. Well not until Plaza Premium Lounge came into the picture. Now, I have credit cards that has enabled me to enter lounges within many airports in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. For FREE. What are the banks offering such benefits? Attached would the image of all the banks for the Plaza Premium Lounge inside KLIA. Some are a few times per year, some would limit you to just the KLIA airports, some would need additional requirements and a some provides Unlimited entries. Do check out the details yeah. I hold a CIMB and an AMBANK one. Combined, they complement one another. For example, CIMB does not provide entry into Hong Kong International Airport but AMBANK does and AMBANK does not provide entry into Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport but CIMB does. Just need to choose the one providing entries to those airports you travel to often.

Many smaller airlines would not want to maintain their own lounges. It’s just too expensive. These airlines would still want / need to provide their premium customers with a lounge access. In this case, it will be with the Plaza Premium Lounge. Take a look at some of those airlines at the image shown. I think the founder of Plaza Premium Lounge is a very visionary person. He has discovered a niche. Read more about them here. Why would banks want to provide the access to their customers? I think they are charged by Plaza Premium Lounge every time that the customer drops by the lounge before their flight. Banks are very competitive these days. Every bank is looking at attracting good clients. Whether the clients could pay in full or not in full, the banks earn from both sides. Every purchase that we do, the bank gains and every month that we have balance unpaid, the banks would earn from the interest levied on the remaining amount. So, they would have to also provide benefits that we want in order to get ‘quality’ customers.

Many of my colleagues still are not aware that they now have such an access, as long as they are using the cards from the right banks. I think this is a benefit that all of us can enjoy these days. Here’s a good article on the top credit cards for free lounge access. Take a look:  Of course, for those who are already flying with Business or First Class, do continue enjoying your lounges. I understand that these airline lounges provide even more food choices. For the rest of us, including myself who feels that travelling by economy is just fine, we can still enjoy a latte and a piece of cheesecake at many airports. Perhaps even a pint of beer or a bowl of curry noodle too. Happy travelling.

written on 23 May 2017

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