Staying, Owning and Winning; event @ enstek by TH Properties

When we are buying for our own stay, it pays to think on two things. Size and long term. Wherever possible, look at size as your first option because houses in future will definitely become smaller. In fact high-rise may be the only thing we could afford in the future. Secondly, think about long term. Good properties would always increase in price, only the question of the time needed and by how much. When we work, our family gets to enjoy staying in a comfortable environment, that’s ideal to me.

I love property shows. I love it even more when there are prominent speakers being invited to speak to the visitors. The reason is very simple. We get to know the properties we want to buy and we get to learn from these prominent speakers. The topics are related to Financial Management and Property Investment. Mr. Azizi Ali’s books were one of the first few that I read when I first started to invest in the property market. In fact, I continue to recommend it to all my friends. He will be speaking at an event by TH Properties @ Enstek.

For those looking for a place to stay, this is a good event to drop by. View the units, understand what’s happening to the property market and perhaps win in the lucky draw for buyers of these properties. There are also shop office choices too. The other speaker is Rohaniah Noor whom I know as an author as well as a famous speaker in the local property scene. Yes, the talk is in BM even if Azizi Ali’s books are in English. Attend and ask lots of questions. Get your concerns cleared and learn. Event details as follows: (Image)


1) Pearl


 Type                      : 2 and 2 ½ Storey Semi Detached

Status                   : Completed

Total                    : 28 units Semi Detached and 7 units bungalow

Available            : 8 units (2 Storey Type B and 2 ½ Storey Type B2 Semi Detached )

Available Size       : 50’ x 100’

Built up              : Min 3,500 sqft – Max 4,217 sqft

No of Bedrooms : 4 + 1

No of Bathrooms : 5 + 1

Price                    : From RM 1,141,800 – RM 1,671,300

Discount              : House facing east 7%, facing west 10%

Booking fees      : RM 10,000 Only

Packages               : Subsidize SPA Legal Fees, and Memorandam of Transfer (MOT)


2.) The Villas


Type                    : 2 Storey Bungalow

Status                    : Under construction

Completion         : September 2017

Built Up                : 4,313 sqft

Total                     : 5 units

No of Bedrooms : 6

No of Bathrooms : 7

Security                : Gated & Guarded Enabled

Facilities:              : Private Swimming Pool

Price                       : RM 2,102,800 – RM 2,407,900

Booking fees         : RM 10,000 Only


3) Hundred East


Type                      : 2 Storey Superlink

Status                    : Completed

Size                        : 24’ x 75’ and 26’ x 80’

Built Up                  : 24’ x75’ (2,232 sqft) – 26’ x 80’ (2,382 sqft ) Intermediate

No of Unit            : 100

Available            : 66

No of Bedrooms   : 4

No of Bathrooms : 5

Security                 : Gated & Guarded (Free security services for 3 years)

Facilities               : Nearby School, Football fields and Playground

Price                     : From 575,400 to RM 950,600

Discount                 : 2% discount for Bumi buyers purchase Non Bumi Lots

Booking fees         : RM 3,000

Packages                 : Subsidize SPA Legal Fees, and Memorandum of Transfer (MOT)


4) Linea

Type                        : 2 Storey Superlink (corner and end units only)

Status                  : Completed

Total                      : 94 units

Available                 : 7 units

Size                          : 24’ x 80 ‘

Built up                  : 2,268 sqft

No of Bedroooms : 5

No of bathrooms : 5

Price                       : RM 767,900 – RM 1,023,500

Booking fees         : RM 3,000

Discount               : 7 % discount

Packages                : Subsidize SPA Legal Fees, and Memorandam of Transfer (MOT)


Lucky Draw Contest and RM 10,000 Rebates

1.  Purchasers all the above products are entitled to participate in Lucky Draw Contest from 1st April 2017 to 30th September 2017)

*Terms & Conditions:

– Open to public. Staff of Tabung Haji and TH Properties Sdn Bhd are not eligible to participate

– Sign SPA and paid 10% of purchase price

– The winners will be determined by way of balloting exercise at the date and venue to be decided later


2.  Prizes for the Lucky Draw :

  1. 1st Prize : 1 Unit of Honda HRV including 1 year insurance, road tax

and registration fees

  1. 2nd Prize : 1 Unit of Perodua Alza including 1 year insurance, road tax and

registration fees

  1. 3rd Prize : Signature Kitchen Voucher (RM 30,000)
  2. 4th Prize : IKEA Voucher (RM 20,000)
  3. 5th Prize : IKEA Voucher (RM 14,000)
  4. RM10,000 rebate who purchase a unit on 13th May 2017

*Term & Condition apply

–      Applicable to residential unit available for sale in Bandar Enstek only i.e. Linea, Pearl, Hundred East and The Villas

  • Pay booking RM 3,000 for Linea and Hundred East and RM 10,000 for Pearl and The Villas
  • To sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) within one month from date of booking
  • The rebate of RM 10,000 in the form of credit note



1) Mahawangsa Shop Office 

 Type               : 2 & 3 Storey Shop Office

Total              : 21 units

Available         : 10 units

Status :           : Under construction

Completion     : August 2017

Size                  : 2 storeys (22’ x 80’, 24’ x 80’, 29’ x 80’ and 32’ x 80’)

: 3 storeys (22’ x 80’, 32’ x 80’, 35’ x 80’, 37 ‘x 80’, 41’ x 80’, 53’ x 80’

54’ x 80’ and 55’ x 80’)

Built up           : 3,665 sqft – 10,563 sqft

Price                 : RM 1,235,500 – RM 3,356,800

Booking Fees : RM 10,000

Packages        : Subsidize SPA Legal Fees, and Memorandam of Transfer (MOT)


2) Mercato


Type                : 2 & 3 Storey Shop Office

Total                 : 99 units

Available         : 8 units

Status              : Completed

Size                  : 2 Storey ( 24 x70) , 3 Storey (24 x70 end lot and 50 x70 corner lot)

Built up           : 3,279 sqft – 13,585 sqft

Price                : RM 916,900 – RM 3,125,100

Booking fees  : 1% from selling price

Packages         : Subsidize SPA Legal Fees, and Memorandam of Transfer (MOT)


Here’s the website that is worth visiting to read more:



Advertisements is everything about property related writings and news. Enjoy reading with a latte.

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