Underpaid? Get a new job. Else, work your money harder.

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Source: JobStreet.com Salary Report 2016

I am quite serious when I tell my friends that anytime we feel we are underpaid, we should get a higher paying job. Why must we keep suffering from being underpaid? However, are we ready for a higher paying job? Do we have what it takes? Are we able to get a better paying new career with our current experience? That demand vs supply equation, are there only a few of ‘us’ in the market? Unless the answers to all are a YES, then it’s likely to be hard to change and hope to get much higher pay. When we change for pay and not for a higher role, do remember that no company likes to pay a staff MORE just to do the SAME thing. Not even a not-for-profit organisation which are these days also KPI centric. Else, how are they going to get more funds from donors versus all the other not-for-profit organisations? As for me, I think I may already be quite near the ceiling of my career life unless I accept one more job offer for another ‘adventure.’ Image shows salary range for senior managers in Central region.

Source: JobStreet.com Salary Report 2016

When I reach 45, I think I will have to just stay in whichever organisation I am in at that time until I retire. Haha. Okay, perhaps I can also take up some lecturing offers in an university here in Malaysia. Sharing is caring and I believe some Malaysians just lack the right guidance from those more experienced people. Once we have that, the world is our oyster. Yes, I have been very lucky because in my first company, my Japanese GM gave me lots of guidance and opportunity. In my second organisation I came to know many awesome Malaysians who again gave me lots of guidance and opportunities. In my third organisation, my Group CEO who’s a British is quite open and thus I achieved a lot during my time there. I am currently in my 4th organisation for nearly 4 years. My HOD is still guiding me and I thank him for that. In my first organisation, I worked until 630pm, most of the time. In my second organisation, I worked until 730pm, most of the time. In my third organisation, on average it should be 8pm since I occasionally work during weekends too. In my current role, I usually leave the office by 545pm. Haha. Yes, family time is very important to me these days. If you like to know more salary information, download the full report from JobStreet.com here.

By the way, do not work until we have to retire. Work only until we can choose to retire. Make it a choice instead of a need. Whatever we earn, invest it. To invest out money, then invest enough time to read and learn from the many people who has done it before. Nope, I am not talking about those with 50 properties. I think those would be hard to follow. Get to know some of our working friends who already own a few properties. Following their examples would mean a safer option. Keep the job and invest at the same time. There is really no need to choose either one. Of course, continue reading kopiandproperty.com because the editor (that’s me) believe every professional can continue working and investing at the same time, slowly. Happy finding a job that pays us for our worth. Staying underpaid is our fault.  Else, work harder and invest at the same time.

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written on 7 April 2017

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4 thoughts on “Underpaid? Get a new job. Else, work your money harder.”

  1. Never underestimate your potential in earning. The lowest and the maximum is just for guidance for majority. Hope those readers can become those minority who can earn more than that.

    To be survive and having a good life in Malaysia. RM20,000 is a target for those reaching 40. This is my thought.

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