Sign up and bid: Sixth Auction of Malaysian Banknotes

This is already the 6th Auction for Malaysian Banknotes in Malaysia. It will be conducted by MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd. For the collectible lovers, banknotes, especially those with special or auspicious numbers are worth collecting. There’s just ONE in the world anyway. Bank Negara governors also do not stay forever and thus even the signature would continue to change and this makes it even more exclusive. In one of the recent auction, the final bidding price was really amazing. Here: 4th banknote auction: RM100 banknote won by RM50,000 bidder. By the way, the bidding starts from RM30, an affordable number which all can bid. Okay, for RM30 to turn into RM1 million may seem far fetched but that’s what those who did not buy think all the time. Banknote auctions are quite common in many developed nations. In fact when we google ‘Banknote auction’ the results would show all the famous websites for banknote auctions around the world. Take a look at the image from google search. Banknotes are real and we can hold it. Perhaps it’s not a good idea to frame and put in your living room if you happened to bid a lot of money for one. Let’s just keep it well, shall we.

The banknote auction will be happening in 21 days time. Winning a bid is going to be exhilarating and if you have never been to one, this is a very good opportunity to understand how it happens. The potential bidders would come not just from within other states in Malaysia but also outside Malaysia. The bidders are able to bid on two platforms simultaneously, on-site and online. According to the Online Marketing Manager for MNP, Mr. Vincent Seah, ‘Banknotes are one of those investables where storing it is by far safer and easier than many other bigger collectible items. Besides that, this is a legal tender which meant that in the worst case scenario, it is fully usable! Come and join us and bid for your favourite banknote.

More Details as follows:

Title: Sixth Auction of Malaysian Banknotes (with special serial numbers – 4th series)

Date : 4/22/2017 – Location : AUDITORIUM – Sasana Kijang Money Museum @ Bank Negara Malaysia,Jalan Dato’ Onn, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50480

Register here.


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