85% will still buy a property, as per kopiandproperty.com readers

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On daily basis, kopiandproperty.com receives around 1,500 visits. At this moment, total subscribers to my daily posts already number very close to 700. THANK YOU. I think I should start helping everyone to understand what the majority thinks. Helps us tremendously in our investment decisions. More informed decisions perhaps. There has been many survey results.For example,some surveys show that many are going to buy a property within 2017 itself. Here’s the survey by a major property portal in Malaysia. Accepting pricing realities and 58% will buy within 6 months  Most of these surveys would offer some ‘candies’ so that more would be willing to spend some time filling them up. I decided NOT to offer anything (I have nothing to offer anyway) and to conduct a poll. Over 70 people did the survey sincerely. (I believe so) Let’s go through the results below.

The poll was because of some online articles talking about the younger generation NOT owning a property or home, I inserted a poll to understand what do kopiandproperty.com readers think / believe and would do. Well, the results show that while some huge site or famous industry experts said that the trend is pointing towards the younger generation not owning a home or a car, kopiandproperty.com readers voted overwhelmingly that they would still buy a house as an investment. Here’s the actual article: Young people will stop buying cars and houses? Noted… Hey, are majority of kopiandproperty.com readers quite old? Haha. Do not worry, it’s most important to be young at heart and young in the minds. Age is just a number. 85 percent agreed with me. “Stop joking. When no one buys, I better buy. To rent they need a place. Let me rent to them.” Interestingly, 1.4 percent chose, “My parents have more than enough for me. They want me to enjoy my life.” Now I know. Some of my readers have wealthy parents. 10 percent would be those who believe future trend would show that majority does not need to own a home. They may not stay in the same place forever. When I really look around my younger colleagues, they seem to fit this description. Most of those reaching 30 or slightly above 30 does not yet own a home! Of course, their reason may be that the properties they want are just too expensive for them but then again, when there’s a will, there’s a way. A manager who’s just over 30 already owns two condos. She does not own a car and does not splurge on clothes, handbags or even food. She is definitely a minority within the organisation. Perhaps within those who did the survey, she may be the majority… All the best to your property investment adventure. Happy reading.

written on 20 March 2017

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