My first visit to Sunway Velocity mall

I think many readers would note that I love shopping, both the actual buying and even just window shopping. Last weekend I went to Sunway Velocity with my family. I wrote about it earlier. Here: Two more huge malls opening in Cheras My wife and kids had visited it earlier too. She said, ‘oklah’ at that time because there were still quite a number of shops which has yet to open. ‘Oh yeah, these would be all the things I feel should be available in malls regardless of whether they are new or old.  My Must Have list for malls, both old and new  Driving there is not as smooth as my usual trip to 1Utama. It is in Cheras which is a mature residential area and has lots of good food too. However, it is TouchnGo ready which is a plus point. I seriously dislike having to queue up just to pay for parking.

wp-1488813138251.jpgThere are many baby rooms and these are available at every floor too which is really convenient. Look at the number of new babies and kids visiting malls with their parents and you get the idea. Oh yeah, if there are still restaurants equipped with just TWO baby chairs, all the best to them. I think Sunway knows that toilets should be made convenient. Yes, there are many of them and mostly at convenient locations too. I spent 5 hours there, from lunch till evening. Parking is also easy to find which is a definite plus. There was a huge event too. Some sort of online /computer games. At the other end was a singing contest. I think any mall without a huge event every weekend is not likely to survive very long these days. There are just way too many malls!  Yes, even the air-con is strong. It’s still a new mall, it has to be strong, right. Haha. As for supermarket, there’s AEON Max Value too. In other words, after shopping for stuffs, my wife can get some groceries for the weekdays too. So, yes I consider Sunway Velocity mall fulfilling all my minimum requirements for a good mall.

wp-1488813160942.jpgOh yeah, the brands that has opened are mostly mid-range which is great for shoppers like me. However, for those who are more used to upper / luxury stuffs, this may not be the mall for you. There are however some points for improvements. I think every mall should have something special. At this point in time, I am more sure what is unique about Sunway Velocity. Some malls happen to be in a very good location and is next to another upscale mall and lots of offices for example. Another may boast old wing and new wing and it’s in the suburbs which is a reason why every weekend its packed. Of course there’s one with a huge theme park and another with many upscale brands. In comparison however, I would visit Sunway Velocity mall again as compared to a new other new malls that I visited for the past few weekends. These new malls are way too quiet. Remember, if the crowd does not start from the beginning, building it up later is going to get harder. Happy shopping!


written on 6 Mar 2017

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