Property market recovery? Approved loans are up? Sustainable?

My new neighbour just moved in last month. My ex-neighbour moved out 7 months ago. My current place is under leasehold. What this meant is that my ex-neighbour managed to sell his home pretty quickly! Transactions for leasehold properties within Selangor may take up to 6 months. So, should we say the market is getting […]

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94 percent of millennials buying a home within 5 years!

Are you a millennial looking for a property currently? There’s an interesting article in theedgemarkets for your reading. HSBC Holdings Plc conducted a study called “Beyond the Bricks” in which more than 9,000 people were polled in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, China, France, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and US. Those polled are millennials (those born […]

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160km per hour. East Coast. By Private sector. Starting………

Why are trains better than planes? Google for the answers (one example here) but here are two points from me. It can carry MORE people and MORE cargo per trip. It’s generally cheaper too, for the passengers, the cargo customers and even the operator. So yes, I support more linkages because it would mean more […]

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Beware yeah. OPR likely to be hiked upwards. H1 2017

Federal Reserve of the U.S looks at inflation numbers as a key determinant on whether or not they will raise the interest rates. Higher inflation would show that growth is continuing due to better demand. Thus, the rates would rise continuously towards normalisation. This is also one main reason why the US$ continue to be […]

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40 percent of debts owed by top 20 percent income group

When we earn more, we tend to spend more. This is true even for me until today. When I first started working, on the first few days I got my salary I would spend more. When it’s coming towards the end of the month and my remaining funds are low, it would lead to cheaper […]

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Necessity versus necessary or perhaps even better, priority.

I was at Aeon Ipoh today. Tried many long sleeve shirts and was really tempted to buy one or two more. After all, I would be wearing them as office wear so it’s not going to be left inside the closet. Okay, the main reason was because I managed to shed 7.5kg within past 4.5 […]

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Anything overvalued is best skipped, stocks for example

Blue chips, blue chips. Stock market. Everyone loves them. Big names are those known by everyone and bought by everyone. Sometimes, the share price is already pushed to its maximum and yet people still buy because of EXPECTATIONS. Surely it should continue to earn ever more profits, right? This is no different from investors who […]

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Book Review: “Good Tenant Great Tenant Series”

They say knowledge equals to power. I say knowledge means our investment risks become a calculated one. When we buy without knowing anything, hopefully we are lucky all the time. It’s the same as buying to rent out. Tenant management needs time to build up. Alternatively, learn from those who has done it. Here’s three […]

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Know transaction prices before negotiating? Possible.

Someone shared with me that in future, one trend that will surely happen is that no one would have information monopoly. In other words, information transparency would be the norm and everyone would have more information to base their decisions on. This would bring with it another issue. Decisions would have to be faster or […]

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Banks are lending MORE to the property market; 8 percent higher than 2015

Fewer people were able to borrow from banks for property purchase, true? In brief, it’s either loan approvals are down or loan rejections are rising. Perhaps quite true since total number of property transactions are down. Property transactions and price, both dropping. (Jan – Sept 2016)  Overall, the total loans to the property market is […]

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