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Want to invest in potential startups? Here’s a profitable one to start.

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I was at an equity crowdfunding a few days ago . It was organised by Crowdo and the featured company is MNP Auctioneers. This is one of those events where you can listen to founders of startups tell you about their companies and then decide if you intend to invest for potential future growth. Crowdo is licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore and is registered with Securities Commission Malaysia. In brief, this is a legitimate crowdfunding event and they are not ‘running away’ with our money. Please be reminded though that this is an investment. So, it is wise not to think your money will double within one year….  We must evaluate these startups as a normal business, just like how we should do ourdue diligence before we buy any property or even stocks in BURSA. If you would like to know a little more about the company to decide if you would like to invest in its growth, click here.  

mnpcustomersYes, I will be investing in this company. My personal reasons? I know the team. They work very hard and they are good people. Second most important reason is because this is already a profitable company which has been around for the past 12 years. There is now an opportunity gap that MNP is targeting but they need to execute it fast to quickly occupy and dominate the space. Attached in the image right beside is their current customers. One investor seated on the same table was asking MNP’s Online Marketing Manager about the potential. He said, ‘There are many auctioneers in the market, how will MNP stand out from them?’  Mr. Vincent, the Online Marketing Manager shared that the business that MNP is targeting is not just the current exiting / traditional one. They are looking at combining the best of both worlds. Live Auctions happening both at a venue in-tandem with online bidding participation from bidders who could not make it to the venue! This is the platform that they have launched:  It is also not just targeting properties or bank notes, both of which they are already involved in and doing well. They are looking to increase both the volume and the variety too.

stephensoonAfter the event, I sat down with the founder Mr. Stephen Soon and I asked him about the event. He shared happily that right after the official launch of its equity crowdfunding, the former REDTone’s MD Dato’ Wei has kicked started the fund raising with a RM100,000 investment. MNP’s 3 year plan is to list in SGX’s Catalist, targeting at least 10 times the PE ratio. This is not the only option. Investors can also choose to redeem their investments at 18% premium in 3 years time. Login to: & click MNP Auctioneers to see our 12 years of solid foundation & make your wisest stock pick ever. Be our partner for exponential growth! For my investment, I would be aiming at the potential listing instead. Do note that PE of 10 is a conservative number. There are MANY multinational startups which continue to rise in value but is still unprofitable year after year. Yes, they are famous names too. If you believe my personal choice, join me. There is no need to sell all your properties to invest lah. I am buying a few blocks.  Read the information here and happy investing.  To get more info / invest, email:

written on 22 Feb 2017

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