Property Outlook 2017 – The BLT Perspective

It’s the end of 2016. Was it an awesome year or best to forget? It’s okay, let’s get ready for 2017. If you are very interested with property investment and has ONE (1) day to spare, it’s time to quickly sign up and join the BLT Trio who has planned a day full of ‘Knowledge […]

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If savings is the base of everything, we need a strong one.

My mother has never failed to remind me time and again that savings is a must. I agree but I think that call to save is no longer as strong for my generation and perhaps a few more generations down the road. My father still could not understand why I could pay RM10 for an […]

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I could not, I am just too poor to buy!

My colleague actually said this during lunch today. ‘I am looking at many condos but I could not afford them. I am just too poor to buy!’ The colleague is in finance and is definitely earning more than enough for a decent home, even if not luxury condos or gated and guarded properties. He said […]

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Trading with local currencies instead, now it’s TH, MY and ID.

I always see ASEAN as an awesome place. Nearly 30 percent of Malaysia’s trade is with ASEAN. (Source: Reason is simple. Better be integrated, else we will allow the other world of economic groups take charge while we continue to lose out individually. Some time back, the central banks of Malaysia and Thailand agreed […]

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The China property market bubble will be ‘deflated’

On numbers, whatever happens in China should affect more ASEAN nations than the U.S. However, the recent currency fluctuations within ASEAN nations has been due to the U.S. and all their actions. (Yes, even SGD is not spared. Read here: Weakest in Seven Years – CNBC. The events unfolding in the U.S includes the new […]

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Safety in times of turbulence; Singapore real estate

Many of my friends told me that foreigners / international companies would stop investing in Malaysia SOON. They have lost all confidence with Malaysia. Malaysia has gone back to capital control and this has made everyone scared. I disagree with all three statements but I guess they have the right to issue statements supporting their […]

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Buying a property? Comparisons, Viewing and Buying.

Please do not think that property prices are way too high. It will stop us from doing anything and in the end, we may have nothing and need to continue renting. FYI, when property prices are way too high, the transactions would stop, there may be panic selling and the property market may just crash. […]

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SP Setia venturing into mainland Penang; first development

How many Penangite readers of would like to say they will be selling their island home and moving to mainland Penang instead? At this moment, I do not believe so yet, probably it is still developing while island is already mature with everything everyone needs, especially all of Penang’s biggest malls.Unfortunately, mainland does not […]

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Properties: The ‘yesterday’, today and in future.

Many friends have remarked that it’s impossible to buy a landed property these days. I think I have to agree because they only want to buy at certain areas. So the advice for them? ‘Earn MORE.’ I still remember when my parents bought our Ipoh semi-detached home in the 90s, it was just RM85,000.  Today […]

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