We will be CLOSER to one another in the future; space shortage

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Treasure the space that we have today. It’s a luxury. Kuala Lumpur is nowhere near Hong Kong in terms of density but assuming we reach their level today 15 years later, I think we better make sure we own more space today instead of later. Yes, this includes even car park lots! I was in Hong Kong for a short family break. As this was already my 4th trip I think, it is not unusual for me to sit very close to other people during my lunches and dinners. My daughter did not really mind too and she even greeted strangers or smile at them. Yes, we were seated very CLOSE to one another. Space is a luxury in Hong Kong. Thus, if you want more private space, get ready to pay more.

img-20160916-wa0010.jpgYesterday night, I had dinner in a posh Taiwanese restaurant in Windsor House mall, Hong Kong. It was not by choice, everyone was tired and we just needed a place to sit down for dinner. My table was pretty faraway from other diners, by Hong Kong standard. My bill at the end for two adults and one toddler and a baby? HK$389 (RM208). It’s for one main course (image), one dessert (image) and three drinks. img-20160916-wa0001.jpgBy the way, everyone can only stay for 1.5 hours at max and every adult MUST order a drink which starts from HK$45. (RM24). The night before, two main courses with drinks and even dessert, the bill was less than HK$150. (RM80). Of course, the night before was in a typical ‘char chan teng’ or kopitiam here in Malaysia.

I have told many of my friends about the living standards in Hong Kong. Seriously, for the salary they earn versus the food they could have, we are nowhere near them. However, their only major setback would be property prices. Yes, when we are talking about RM2 million, it will only be a mosquito apartment. Yes, the usual 1,000 sq ft apartments that we may be taking for granted today? They are awesomely expensive there which meant that affordability wise, we have more choices, still. I think I would want to go back to Hong Kong. Have to keep learning from them for our future. Cheers.

written on 16 Sept 2016

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