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Penang remains a favourite city, definitely. (Part 1)

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Someone asked me the other day about my opinions for KL property vs Penang property. To be frank, it’s a personal opinion. You can however read my views ever since I started 🙂  One has the attention of many career growth aspirants while another has awesome attraction as it is an island with sufficient international recognitions. I have been travelling to Penang for the past 2 weekends and will be going again in the coming weekend, once I return from my Hong Kong vacation. My conclusion? Penang remains a favourite city, definitely. Let me tell you three things in my mind about Penang currently.

penangjobsEnough good jobs. This is an island which is growing, there’s little doubt about it. Is it fast? Well, it could have been faster but nevertheless after hearing about all those bad news on the employment front in Penang, I have yet to see many of my friends without jobs. One close friend working in Intel who has received the ‘thank you and bye bye letter’ remains very happy. Maybe because the accompanying cheque is a huge one. She has been working in Intel for nearly 20 years I think. In terms of jobs advertised, just within Penang alone is healthy, still. Take a look at the image for just Engineering jobs and the companies hiring. All are big names.

Liveability. First of all, I think it has to have a masterplan. For example the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) which has received less news coverage these days. As for now however, Penang is definitely very liveable. Most Penangites who are professionals would already be staying in a good condo or a landed property. For these professionals, there are no such things as a cramped space or living very far away or even staying in flats without even a car park. They would work during the weekdays, hike up the Penang national park on a Saturday and laze around the beach front on a Sunday. I seriously do not see too many of these kind of cities around. To anyone who wants to shout Singapore or Hong Kong, let me just smile. If you think it’s equivalent, then by all means do enjoy it.

Two more awesome reasons? To be continued.

written on 12 Sept 2016

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