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Jom Carirumah @ Penang – Understand what’s really happening.

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JomcarirumahPenangites, especially those who are looking for affordable properties, time to spend some quality time. My good friend Rozalina told me about an opportunity for first-time home buyers to really listen and ask questions from many different property experts in the Jom Carirumah Campaign for the affordable housing. Look at the poster for details of who’s on which day. All are experts in their own field. This is the Penang edition. Details as below:
Jom Carirumah Penang – Sunway Carnival
Date : 8 to 12 September 2016
Official opening on thursday at 11am
speakersThis is the 1st Bumiputera Property Campaign in Penang that focuses on property education. Learn before we intend to buy. SUK booth will be open from 10am to 10pm from 8 to 12 September 2016. JKP and PDC booth will also be there besides other developers. This is a one stop centre where you do everything you need there. Our Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) would also be there to check & print CCRIS for free
Other details:
Theme : To understand the real property Market scenario
Focus : Educating on the right way of property ownership, processes and the Do’s & Don’ts in Property investment
Campaign Motive : Every Malaysian to own a Property
speakers2This event focusses on developing/building ‘street smart property buyers’
(Generasi Celik Hartanah) The chosen developers are the developers that has good track record in delivering their homes. In our events we scrutinize the developers who participate to minimize the risk of the buyers through our campaigns. The event’s focus is on personal finance education as well as  safe investments. This will avoid the Gen-Ys from going into bad debts. These days, the debt ratio for them is increasing and property is an asset….See you there.
This event is brought to you by ReConsult. The full brochure is here.

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