My First Home – KL Edition 3.0 Full Day Seminar

img-20160823-wa0010.jpgFirst, it’s important to invest. Second, it does not have to be property related. Third, investment should be based on an informed decision which is supported by knowledge. If it’s property that you are looking for, readon. Humour of the day. Market is good, too expensive to buy. Market is slow, wait before buy. Market is bad, don’t dare to buy. Truth is, if we have no intention to buy, any market does not matter. However, is this is what we really want? Well, if we have intention to buy, it’s extremely important not to buy the wrong one. Most of the time, the first property would either start our real estate adventure or set us back many years! Here’s one seminar you can attend for free.

Whenever I visit any property fair, I always sit down to listen to the talks arranged by the organiser. Learning has no ends and listening to different speakers would mean different perspectives. Who knows, one may be very relevant to what you intend to do? Some speakers would tell you that primary properties are best for first-time buyers due to the many incentives today. Some would recommend secondary instead since there are undervalued ones and you can start staying in your own home instead of paying rental. Honestly, I have bought both primary and secondary properties. It does not really matter! Just choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Do drop by an upcoming one day seminar to learn from four really popular property experts who are full-time sought-after speakers. They include Chris Tan, a lawyer whom I recommend very much as it is easy to understand and digest. Miichael Yeoh who will basically share how to have the highest chance to get your loans approved. Ishamel Ho who’s the CEO of Ho Chin Soon Research. We also have the Personal Finance guru, KC Lau. The fifth speaker is Charles Tan (yes, that’s me). He is working full-time and property investment is just a part-time interest. Details as follows:

Date: 24th September 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 9 – 6pm
Venue: Wisma MCA, KL.
Entrance fee: FREE, but registration is required. 

See you there.

written on 23 Aug 2016

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