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Sigh…. always short cut, always immediate returns

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telegraphGoogle for ‘Diploma mill’ or ‘fake degree’ and you would understand why it’s so EASY to get a qualification which actually meant nothing than a transaction between you and the vendor. As usual, it’s also easy to blame the authorities for doing enough but seriously, why don’t we blame these LAZY people instead? Yes, I have a few friends who has these fake MBAs and PHDs. Yes, I do tell them directly that I don’t treat these qualifications with any value at all. For them as well, many did not dare to be too open about it as well.

It was reported in the media recently about a CEO who falsified his degree certificate for a job. His actions were discovered and he was fined RM4,500 and thus need not go to jail. I have been a hiring manager for many positions and one thing that I always look for would be whether the qualifications are genuine or are they dubious ones. Do note  that any qualification which rewards you for work experience and tells you to submit just some paperwork is most probably FAKE. If we intend to have one, work hard for one. My wife was so stressed from her MBA that upon completion, she told me that she will ‘kill me’ if I were to ask her to go for PHD. Yes, both my wife and I have just a local university MBA which we struggled to complete while working full-time.

Actually, this is also the same reason why so many people think of property investment as a ‘lottery’ to millions. This was in the mind of the many millions of property speculators who caused the 2008 mortgage crisis in an advanced country. Well, even as at this week, a friend from the industry told me that there are still many of these ‘quick-rich’ property schemes around. I just sighed. My simple advice is this, ‘when everyone we know is able to buy and sell without any restrictions, it’s best to stay out of the market.’ Fortunately, this is not widespread currently. Let’s hope this remains as it is.

written on 20 Aug 2016

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