Standing on top of a glass bridge and looking down? Argh………..

terrifyingTake a look at the image. Would you try? Okay, I would not dare to try. I also not think my wife would ever allow me to try which is good news for me. Well, based on all those who have tried thus far, there has been no report of any untoward incidents. Yes, this is The Coiling Dragon Cliff, a platform hugging the Tianmen mountain with a  1,402 metre drop. This is part of the glass skywalk complex in Hunan province’s scenic Zhangjiajie grand canyons.

sledgehammerNext image shows the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge which is said to be the world’slongest and highest glass bridge. Looking at the image, these are all the daring volunteers, 30 of them with sledgehammers to try and collapse the bridge. All of them obviously failed because the safety event was on 26 July 2016 and the bridge will be opened to the public this Saturday (20 August 2016) as per reported in NST. Besides these sledgehammers, the bridge also survived the weight of a Volvo SUV with 11 passengers  as well as 25 people jumping on a single glass panel.

Some other details for the bridge. The Zhangjiajie suspension bridge is made of 99 panels, and is designed to support the weight of 800 people. A bungee jump attraction is being planned for the most daring visitors. Then again, I think standing and looking down may be scarier than jumping down. Haha. To readers who would be dropping by soon, dosed me some photos. Would love to see from the safety of my computer screen. Happy visiting.

written on 17 Aug 2016

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  1. I don’t really have a fear of heights, but just standing inside the glass box at the top of KL Tower already kind of freaked me out…. Cannot imagine even going onto the glass bridge, let along jumping on it. @@ Too scary!

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