Media: Who’s mainstream, who’s downstream and who’s “upstream”?

I read a very interesting article in Let’s look at just a few quotes from Tan Sri Vincent Lee. He said, “Digital media is 24/7 , follows us everywhere we go, even to the toilets. Now it’s even in the semi rural areas as long as Internet is available.” Another one, “If you are a marketing person or a media specialist and even creative person in an ad agency please STOP calling Print as MAIN STREAM. ITS DOWN STREAM MEDIA!” In the article, he explained that mainstream media should be called ‘downstream’ media because it is encountering a drop in circulation while the digital media which has a higher reach should now be called the ‘mainstream’ media instead.

I have written on this topic a few times. The more rent two articles here: Newspapers need to embrace online, fast and also The aging newspaper and the gaining online Frankly, I think I have met no less than 100 marketing managers from the property developers and at least 500 HR Managers in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and even Thailand. It’s very safe to conclude that without online, these businesses would find it extremely tough to complete their tasks today which includes marketing the new developments or even hiring new staffs to ensure the company keeps growing.

Recently however, when I was seated with the media people at South East Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) at Intercontinental Hotel, I shared that actually these days due to the differences in preferences, the marketing managers of developers would really have to work even harder and understand their target market. It would be less effective use ONE (1) set of marketing content even for the same development across ALL medias. Property buyers or investors are not carbon copies of one another. Different contents would appeal to different segments and thus widen the reach of the marketing contents.

Seriously, some buyers think a popular location (malls, conveniences, cafes) is the most important but if I am a family looking for a home, I may be looking at schools instead. The SAME development may appeal to both groups but the main point loved by different groups of people should be highlighted instead. Of course, besides having more contents, it would also be beneficial to start looking at the potential of using different blogs for different purposes. These specialised blogs would be what I would personally term as “upstream” media. 🙂  Yes, “up” here stands for the same as “upcoming.” I think this should be the first article with these three terms together. Cheers.

written on 13 Aug 2016

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