Buying vs Renting a House: Which is a Better Value-for-Money Decision?

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KopiAndPorpertyThe following article has been contributed by  This is a website I frequent occasionally when I needed to do some comparisons of financial products. Check them out.

As young professionals who always striving to achieve your short and long term goals, there will come a time when you will eventually ask yourself: is it better to rent or buy a house?

The answer to this dilemma varies at different stages in life. Many of us often feel the urge to live independently sometime after college. When we finally decided to move out of our parents’ house, the faster and cheaper option was to rent a flat. Renting a place has its advantages and disadvantages. Some leasing agents offer flexible terms plus when renting, tenants don’t have to shoulder expenses for repairs and renovations.

However, after a few years of living alone, you can’t help but wonder when is the right time to purchase your own house? Truthfully, there might be no exact age for this. The perfect time is whenever you feel that you are financially capable of standing on your own.

You can learn the pros and cons of buying a house by reading online articles and home magazines. Some of the points to ponder in purchasing a new abode are the following: it is a lifetime asset; it gives you freedom to decide on things, but also requires huge upfront payments. You may also read this handy guide written by CompareHero to help you decide for your future home.

Here are some important questions you can ask your real estate agent if you want to buy or lease a house:

  • Who were the last people to live in the property?
  • Why is the owner leasing or selling the property?
  • What is the owners’ housing tenure?
  • What is the total land area?
  • What is the current condition of the property?
  • Is the property fully-furnished or not? Are there built-ins kitchen and bedroom cabinets?
  • Is the property near any establishments like government offices, supermarkets, shopping malls, or school?

Many trusted agents suggest being patient and not to buy a house in a hurry. Make the most of your time to do thorough research as well as schedule viewings to see which property will best suit your needs.

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