My little goals in life: Chill at hometowns, enjoy vacations more often

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A few close colleagues were talking about potential to retire earlier. They were sharing what they wanted to do. Most of the plans include vacations at exotic or romantic places. Well, they are pretty expensive. For me, I do not have big dreams like sipping champagne in Paris followed by a vacation in Mauritius before returning to my penthouse in London. Fortunately for me, my wife is also not expecting these. She’s a simple women and I am the more complicated one. However, I do have a dream that I would stop having a full-time 5 day employment before 50. I would still want to continue working but I prefer to spend more time with my loved ones. So, hopefully just 3 days of working per week.

Saving money alone from my monthly salary is not likely to be enough. Let’s just say that I hope to have this through investments. Property would be my main vehicle but stocks can provide decent returns too. I can chill in the hometowns of my wife and mine. (Ipoh and Sandakan) more often. Seriously, nothing beats waking up to a delicious breakfast with family members followed by ‘anything goes’ for the rest of the day. Yes I know, I could only travel more during the school holidays since my kids would still need to attend schools.

My second dream is to enjoy vacations more often. It does not have to be overseas all the time. There are lots of places within Malaysia that I would love to visit more than once per year. I hate jams though which meant I hate to travel during the holiday season when everyone is travelling. Yes, my kids love the beach and the pools and my daughter always remind me that we need to go to beaches. I told her hotels are expensive and that we can only travel occasionally. She nodded her head in agreement. Anyone else with these simple goals in life like me? Cheers.

written on 6 Aug 2016

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