It’s always best to start investing 5 years ago. Agree?

This article was first published in August 2016 issue of Ivory Living. Not too long ago, a friend posted the image on the left. It was ‘liked’ by many and I think we should all remind ourselves again. Regret is good if we learnt something from it. Else, it’s just nothing but regret. Let me […]

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Renting is fine, make plans to get your own

One day, many years back, someone I knew SMSed me. “Charles, I intend to move out from the place I am renting in 2 months time. I have bought a new place in Batu Maung.’ This friend of mine has been renting the same 730 sq ft apartment for the past 4.5 years. I was […]

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“Real connectivity” needed for business opportunities

TheEdgeProperty’s symposium on the High Speed Rail must have received huge attention.The symposium was organised by and supported by The Edge Malaysia. Yes, was also invited to attend but I have planned a family holiday many months back. The presenting sponsor is Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC). I think from this one event, everyone has […]

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AA8888888 can be your collection for future (banknote…)

AA8888888 is a serial number for a banknote which you may bid for. Yes, this is another form of alternative investment but be ready to store them in good condition to wait for it to appreciate in value. Yes, this is already the 5th Auction of Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers by Bank Negara […]

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RM4 billion sales target lowered to RM3.5 billion, market uncertainty

On the way to Singapore yesterday (24 Aug), I happened to read the business section of The Star and there were the financial results of at least 9 companies. All the companies were reporting a better Q2 2016 versus Q2 2015. All have positive results and none sunk into huge losses too. I think this […]

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Need a protection on your home purchase? IJM Land’s HomeTIPS.

Developers are creative these days. I do think it’s a good sign for buyers who want better deals. Yes, some may term these as marketing gimmick but the truth is, we should only buy because the property is what we want. We should be buying simply for the marketing gimmicks, agree? The new one is IJM […]

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Gifts are good, just remember to build on it; invest.

I watched all the badminton matches during the Olympic Games from the quarter final onwards. Yes, every single match involving Malaysian shuttlers. This time, everyone played well beyond what is expected from them based on their world rankings. Our mixed-doubles, Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying entered the final and eventually lost to a […]

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My First Home – KL Edition 3.0 Full Day Seminar

First, it’s important to invest. Second, it does not have to be property related. Third, investment should be based on an informed decision which is supported by knowledge. If it’s property that you are looking for, readon. Humour of the day. Market is good, too expensive to buy. Market is slow, wait before buy. Market […]

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7,000 rejections @ affordable homes Johor?

Many developers shared with me about this issue before. Sometimes, those who wanted to buy affordable homes or the cheaper flats for example always fail at the last hurdle; obtaining loan approvals. The reason is not always that they could not afford the monthly instalments. It’s also because they could not show proof of stable […]

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Large sized condominiums, from RM2.99 million onwards

Yes, as usual for SP Setia, every project has their own project website and for this particular one, there’s a video to introduce in brief WHY should the wealthy may want to have a unit. Take a look here: Setia Sky Seputeh. The price starts from RM2.99 million which meant that the target market is […]

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