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Interesting property portal in Malaysia today

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There are many property portals in Malaysia today. Most of the time, they have lots of listings. Some visitors would complain that many of these sites have repeated listings. It’s true, I have not seen any of the top few sites without any repeated listings. However, most of them would have some mechanisms to deter people from repetitive postings. The only issue with systems is that they will never be able to beat humans, not when we can improve while systems are static until improved. Anyway, I recently discovered a new site where its listings are mostly for the the more luxurious ones.

setiaskyIt has a clean interface and the functions are considered advanced. One example would be the accuracy of the location map when we search for a certain particular area. Image beside. Although it currently does not have as many listings as the top few property portals, it does have many interesting luxury listings. This include new ones as well as secondary ones. (Another redirection to here)

liuxurylistings They include a boutique hotel for sale in Penang, a beach fronting resort in British Virgin Islands, bungalow listings and even Residensi OPUS which is a condo facing the PNB118 (Merdeka Tower) which when completed will be the tallest building in Malaysia, surpassing the Petronas Twin Towers in height.

According to its CEO Olivia Lim, ’ is focusing our marketing in China currently because Malaysia is an attractive property market for these Chinese investors.” She explained that the only issue with these potential investors is that many of them were not aware of all the details in buying Malaysian properties. Some of them already know about Iskandar due to their own developers and Kuala Lumpur as a capital city of Malaysia but with regards to the actual locations to buy, investment potentials and even all the potential choices, they know little. In fact for some of these investors, it seems much easier to buy Australian properties than Malaysian ones. This is the time to tell them more. I think I agree with her views. Perhaps it’s time to be slightly more pro-active in attracting these new foreign investments into Malaysia where real estate is concerned. Happy browsing.

written on 26 July 2016

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