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Population growth in Malaysia? I contributed 2. Haha.

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I believe in properties because I could see more babies. My personal way of assessing what to invest. In 2010, my wife and I were still planning for a baby. Today, glad to say that we have two. I wanted another one but my wife said ‘manufacturing plant’ closed. We shall see what happens in the next two years. According to a Department of Statistics (Malaysia), the total population Malaysia for 2016 is estimated at 31.7 million. Sigh, still very small. Percentage wise, largest would be Ethnic Bumiputra at 68.6 percent or 19.3 million, followed by Chinese at 23.4 percent or 6.5 million. (Includes two from me) and then Indians at 7 percent or 1.98 million. Other races is at 1 percent or 284,000.

Of course, the 31.7 million includes a total of 10.3% foreigners. I know, most of these would be those working in the general industries or even plantations and constructions but the truth is, the number of expats are also growing. One real example? Within my current company itself, there are at least 10 foreigners based in KL and my feeling is that this number would continue to increase. There’s talent shortage which continues to be filled by all these new foreign talents. Perhaps I am in the minority but I do welcome population growth, especially for the talents we do not have. It’s Malaysia versus the other emerging markets. We either be more competitive and more  international companies are located here or we lost other emerging markets. I do not however support ever more foreign workers if it is only to fill up the jobs don’t want to do.

Back in 2010, foreigners made up of just 8.2 percent of total population. Actually, until today many sectors are still appealing to the government to allow even more foreign labour. Thus, this percentage can only be growing and not reducing. Among the states, Selangor recorded the highest population growth this year at 19.9 percent, followed by Sabah at 12 percent  and Johor at 11.5 percent. Penang? Well, it is growing but net migration has slowed based on an earlier report. 

The implications of a growing population is that families are forming and growing. New babies lah. The population growth cannot suddenly become adults, right? In other words, the need for housing increases. Perhaps what some of us could think about would be to target a specific type of property and be good in it. Whether it’s those small units (which can target most of all working adults) or high-rise units of over 1,200 sq ft (great for a family of 4) or even landed homes with 4 rooms (loved by many as it is on ‘solid ground’), time to really browse them, view them and think about buying them. I think it’s pretty certain that the population growth issuing to continue. Nope, I do not believe live is getting tougher. I believe investments would make life easier as long as we spend lesser than what we earn currently. Happy following.

written on 22 July 2016

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