Johor Premium Outlet again, after 3.5 years. Still good.

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JPOI was in JB just a few days ago for a good friend’s wedding and I brought my family along this time. In my very last trip there, I bought quite a pair of Charles & Keith shoes for my wife. Well, it has been replaced be Pedro. First impression, Johor Premium Outlet is still my favourite choice, even after visiting Mitsui Outlet Park twice within past few months. I think the keyword here maybe ‘premium.’ One has more premium brands than the other while one has more common choices which may not necessarily be a bad thing. Just different target markets.

img_20160715_191542.jpgThis trip in JPO, my close friend bought a TUMI handbag and something else which I have forgotten. My wife bought me a cheap Ellesse watch as birthday gift. She said as a housewife, that’s the only watch she could afford to buy me. I have two other Ellesse watches. I think the quality is pretty good for the price that we were paying. She bought some clothes too and we had dinner in DOME. Okay, in terms of food, I think Mitsui wins with more choices, especially the not so common brand names. However, after running through shops after shops, the more premium ones, I think I know the reason why JPO remains a favourite for many shoppers.

img20160715212307.jpgI think JPO is a plus point for Iskandar. So, if you do travel to JB, I think JPO is worth another visit. Premium brands are plenty even if it’s from the previous season. Just remember to bring your stroller because renting a mini-car for my daughter set me back RM30. My wife had little choice. She was tired and refused to walk. Oh yeah, look at the some of the brands available in the image. I think these are considered the premium brands we normally see only in more upscale malls instead of the smaller ones. Happy shopping.

written on 18 July 2016

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