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Home buyers? 13 MORE stations from Kelana Jaya LRT Line

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kelanajayalineThe public transportation is improving in the Klang Valley, though slowly. The question is, are the home buyers starting to embrace these changes? Are their minds STILL fixated only at the few hotter areas and ignoring all the rest? Even when a new LRT station is opening on June 30th 2016? Take a look at the image for all the new 13 stations in the Kelana Jaya LRT extension. Many names are not that familiar and these should be some of the places for consideration especially for the middle class which are saying homes are expensive but continuously spends on many other stuffs and refusing to buy at newer areas. Especially a certain generation but let’s not generalise… ūüôā

The new stations include: Lembah Subang, Ara Damansara, Glenmarie, Subang Jaya, SS 15, SS 18, USJ 7, Taipan, Wawasan, USJ 21, Alam Megah, Subang Alam and Putra Heights Integrated Station. Please do not only look at the name. Sometimes, the names are not familiar. It does not matter. Do we need a home or do we wish to continue renting? Choice is ours to make. We can however take the opportunity and take a ride. Know where these stations stop, work backwards and start browsing the online property portals for properties nearby (within 10 minutes) the stations. Chances are, there are gems waiting to be discovered.

In fact, there are more good news. These lines would be served by¬†new-generation trains that will have better air-conditioning, bigger windows and an electronic passenger management chart. These trains were imported from Canada and they are called¬†Bombardier INNOVIA Metro 300. A total of 14 new trains would start in June while another set of eight trains would be brought in later. The great thing about these LRTs is that it will reduce the number of new cars on the road. Perhaps reduce the numbers too.¬†A 2-car train can carry 472 passengers while a 4-car train can carry 922 passengers. In other words, a few hundred cars can be taken off the road just per journey. Time to embrace the culture of walking a bit to take the public transport. It’s healthier and easier on our wallets too. Happy LRT ing…..

written on 12 June 2016

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  1. Just took the LRT to KLCC this weekend, and totally did not notice the extended ‘menu’ until i reached home and saw it online, haha! Now my friend from Subang don’t have excuse to not meet up on weekends lol. Personally I prefer to take LRT to town as it is cheaper and much more convenient.

    June 14, 2016
    • Agree. Haha. Unless towing two kids n luggage n trolleys etc along….

      June 14, 2016

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